All Caught Up

Well, I did it! I’m basically all caught up with homework. I just have 2 unit test stuff for Computer Programming and today’s homework to do. I also have 4 half tests to do for my Computer Programming BPA competition stuff. That is kinda stressing me out because I’m not prepared for it, but then again, no one was prepared for it, so that makes me feel a bit better.


YES! Congrats Alex. That’s freaking awesome. YOU are awesome. I remember how it was to have homework piling up, and how it becomes a vicious cycle that just happens to be more and more scary. Good job for tackling those tasks. As for your tests, I hope everything will go well for you. Prepared or not, it’s still important to approach it with as much peace as possible, so you can only be more effective when you’ll get there. It sounds like you’re on the right track, keep it up friend. You got this. :hrtlovefist:

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Dude that’s so freaking awesome! I bet getting it all finished takes a weight off your shoulders for sure! Good work friend and keep being awesome!