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All of the time

this is going to be very short but why am i always either sad or angry? i’m feeling more angry than i usually do lately and it scares me because i want to feel happy as well but i never do.


Without knowing specifics, the virus has put extra stress on everybody whether it directly affects them or not, and when we’re stressed we can act out in weird ways. I know my wife and I have been struggling more just because the world is a more dangerous place and we have to monitor our behaviors every time we leave the house.


my life during this pandemic hasn’t really been different so it doesn’t bother me in any way. i don’t know what else it could be. i hope you and your wife are doing good and are safe though.

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We are good and safe. We’ve both still been able to work outside the house in safe places, and since we’re homebodies we haven’t missed nightlife or anything like that. There’s just passive added stress knowing that the pandemic is there.

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Hey @justbunnys,

I agree with @SheetMetalHead. Indeed, covid/lockdowns can be stressful and we’re not necessarily aware of how it affects us on a daily basis. Personally, it’s been making me feel more depressed, more worried and discouraged than before. And I didn’t expect to be affected at all, because it didn’t create radical changes in my life. I’m not stressed by the virus, but I still miss direct interactions and the freedom to go wherever I want. Lacking of long-term perspectives is stressful too. For example, my family is separated in different countries. So I don’t know when it will be possible to see them. Even if it didn’t cancel any trip, even if we didn’t discuss about seeing each other before the virus, the idea of not knowing when we could see each other stays in the back of my mind.

But of course, aside of covid, there can be a lot of other reasons that are affecting your mood. And it can be a mix of different things that has been piling up recently.

Something that I find helpful when I’m reacting in ways that I don’t understand is to take the time to write down all the things that has been stressing me recently. All the “To Do’s”, all the projections about the future, all the due dates, worries, thoughts about myself or some situations… Doing this helps to actually see all the thoughts that can be spiraling in the back of your mind, almost silently. Most of the time we don’t really acknowledge those as they just come back and forth very quickly. You don’t have to be objectively struggling to have automatic thoughts. We have them every day, all the time. And being aware of this can help you to understand yourself a little more.



When I have been angry in the past it has always been for a reason. Its just trying to find the reason.
Something in your life is making you angry. For me most of the time it was my job, twice I have left a job as it just made me angry, One for example was the army, I was always mad and didnt know why, then after thinking about it for a long time I left the army and boom anger gone! Have a good think what it could be and make the change and hopefully it should go away

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