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All people must suck

So I was on another discord server and I said how I used to do drugs. People were saying how much of a bad person I was and that I was going to go to jail. I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m having bad thoughts about myself. I just need some encouragement but I can’t get some from home.

Hey, MoP here.

I have been in a similar situation before, but with me coming clean with suicidal thoughts, and I got bashed. Not all communities are this way, I suggest finding better communities, with people who are more supportive. Don’t listen to them, they don’t completely know what’s up or the circumstances.

All the best,

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Some people you have to be guarded with. Even if you knew them for a long amount of time. Sorry you’re going through it. People are just harsh sometimes.

Hey there,

Most people are narrow sighted and don’t consider things from other peoples point of view or the circumstances that led someone to take an action like using drugs. Most likely just a bad group of eggs, perhaps finding a new community like MoP suggested might be the best?

Either ways, you aren’t a bad person. You are deserving of kindness. <3


Hey @Riversong08,

I’m sorry to hear that some people on a different Discord server weren’t very nice to you. Unfortunately not everyone can uphold the ability to empathize; the lack of empathy can typically lead to a mean-spirited attitude when confronted with a situation that doesn’t sit well. This is why you typically see a trend in the “level of meanness” geared more toward the younger generation than the older generation - it’s because they either haven’t developed a sense of empathy yet, or that the only outlet they know of (to deal with their internal struggles) is to let it out onto someone else (via bullying, etc). Try not to let it get to you too much. Everyone struggles with something; some are just better at hiding it than others. Hold fast, friend!


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Those people suck, but not everybody. They should realize that you are there because you need them to treat you like you belong.
Well, you don’t really suck.