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All the time, one pet peeve of mines, refusing to seek help because of it!


Yeah, it’s really rough watching a friend go thru hard times and not reaching out for help because they think they are a burden. You just wish they would believe you when you tell them they aren’t a burden and would benefit from getting help. It’s really hard when you know it would help them.

From: Manni XP - Snow Edition

Thanks for replying to the prompt! I want to say that I can very much relate to that hesitation. Even when we know that something helps, we have a variety of obstacles. Please remember that you deserve to exist and that a lot of people Want to help, so please reach out when you need!

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there :hrtlegolove: I agree that it can be frustrating knowing that you should be seeking help but that your fear of bothering others or being a burden can make it difficult to do so. It is great that you recognise that you should ask for help. I want to encourage you to always do so. So often with people in my life what I worry about is that they have struggles they are not sharing with me that I may want to help with or be capable of doing so but they don’t want to bother me or don’t know if I would be willing to listen. The best advice I can give is to not let your fear of how someone might respond prevent you from finding the courage to learn how they actually will. Your fears may occasionally be realised but I’ve learned that most people are actually really great and want to be there for those they care about. Good luck finding that courage :hrtlegolove:

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