Allergic to life has me bummed

Recently my body just flares up and blotches and reacts to everything. Things I used to enjoy or use regularly.
Nothing eases it except time. But I don’t have time because I have to wash it sanitise my hands at work.
I’m just getting frustrated that’s all. I can’t used scented hand creams, I can’t use the bloody aloe Vera plant in my garden. I can’t use half the face washes and soaps I have.
I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s so annoying because the doctor gives me cream which doesn’t help which makes me annoyed which also causes an outbreak.
Actually the different kinds of outbreaks respond to different treatments or in some cases none.
Moral of the story is don’t touch or do anything.
Sorry for taking up wall space, I just needed to get out the frustration.


Hey Bimini, thank you for posting this. You definitely don’t have to apologise for that.

I get why you’re frustrated, because what you’ve just shared sounds properly bloody frustrating! It isn’t a small thing at all, it actually sounds like a constant agitation that’s forcing you to change a ton of habits and be careful around things you used to breeze through. This sort of thing is exactly what the wall is for and I’m glad you felt comfortable saying it here. You could’ve just said nothing and kept it to yourself, and then the wall and your own well-being would be worse off. You’re always welcome to share what’s been going on for you. :heart:

There have probably been heaps of times when you’ve had to just deal with this constant irritation while you’re trying to get work done. I hope you know that people can see that you work hard, that it gets noticed. You’re appreciated.

What a huge pain that they haven’t been able to find something that consistently works for you. I don’t know how long you’ve been managing this so it’s possible you’ve already exhausted all these pathways, but I’ll bring it up in case. I’m not a doctor, but a doctor isn’t a dermatologist. Since they haven’t had much luck, is there any chance that they could refer you on to a specialist?

So, don’t touch or do anything. I know you’re joking, but still. I’m sorry things are that bad right now. It’s started to get worse recently, which means that it could improve just as quickly. I don’t want you to feel like you’re trapped with this forever. There’s a lot to be done that could help, and a little bit of hope is healthy.

I hope the rest of your day will be good! It’s always okay to share things like this, please do so again whenever it feels right. I’m sending a non-contact hug. :heart:


I always appreciate you! That’s actually a good idea. I did go to one when I was younger. I had a different type of eczema that was extremely hard to manage and very hard to cope with day to day life.
These days it seems other places on my skin besides my hands tend to get it, but when it does flare up on my hands, at least it’s not the hives I used to get. It just looks like I’ve got serious gravel rash haha.

Different antihistamines help a little for a period of time too, so it’s not all bad. I just was fed up with it yesterday when I went to have something I usually would have and my knuckles started to turn red.
I shake my red fists at you, damn allergies!

Seriously thank you so much, Rick. It does make me feel so much better when people just have heard my frustrations and are so accepting about them.

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Goodness, @Bimini, you are so very right to vent about this and express your frustration. After reading your post I seriously just want to give you a giant hug. For what it’s worth, you are definitely not alone and you will never be judged or rejected for having profoundly human and emotions regarding the situation.

I’m personally sitting right next to you on this struggle bus. I’ve had since my teenage years something called dermatographia and a physical type of urticaria, meaning basically anything that scratches a little bit my skin, or puts a pressure on it, is going to create a reaction where my skin becomes red and extremely itchy. I had to give up on running/dancing/high work out (apparently, clothes are a threat for my body, lol), I can’t use any scented product, I can’t take warm bath or showers, and there’s always those random reactions when I just walk. Most of the time I’m used to it, but some days I so want to scream at the rest of the world a big ol’ “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”. It’s so frustrating when the issue is within the body and the fact that it receives as threats things that are completely safe. It brings so much grief and helplessness at times.

You are SO RIGHT for being frustrated and saying it whenever you need to. Not only this is about your health, but it can be such a roller-coaster of emotions and challenging mental-health wise. I wish so much for your body to heal and for you to find some peace regarding all of this. Whether or not this gets better for you, you have allies right here, always. I can’t emphasize enough how much you are loved for being you, regardless of how your health is, and that anything you feel because of it is absolutely welcomed here.

Sending lots of love your way. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank you so much micro! When I was younger my entire surface of my hands would have tiny hives covering them. Even holding a pencil at school was so painful and hard. It would last for weeks and just flare up every month or two. I did so much cutting out potential triggers, but nothing seemed to particularly flare it up. Sometimes I can feel it coming and I get a very small reaction, and it’s usually when I am upset. But the hives are not near as big and usually limit themselves to one place either around a nail bed or between one web of the fingers. It starts to tingle and itch before it happens now though, so I it’s an indicator to make sure I take an antihistamine and clam down.

In the last few years I’ve had what looked like ringworm on my arms, and the dr thought it was, but there was no reason for it to be. The anti fungal wasn’t cutting it, so they did a little test and found it was eczema, and the liquid novasone helped. But when I get it in my knuckles- they flare up red and sometimes peel the skin, nothing seems to help except keeping it moisturised. My friend gave me this amazing oil based moisturiser that sort of looks like Vaseline.
Recently even oatmilk soap made me react. I can handle unscented goats milk soap and QV moisturiser.
Yesterday I had a drink that I usually would have, but I reacted for some reason, so I was at my wits end.

Ugh I’m so frustrated for you too! It’s just so painful and it can really limit what you can do when it hurts to move or you have to wash/sanitise your hands.
Funnily enough I found out I’m very mildly allergic to fuzzy fruit like kiwi, peaches ect. I thought it was normal for it to make your tongue itch and numb your lips :joy: but I will never not eat kiwi!

It’s just nice being heard and having people sympathise and empathise. None of my family have any eczema at all so I have no idea why I do.

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Oh my goodness, it must have been pretty lonely to deal with this when you were little! Your example made me think of the fact that sometimes even just sitting on a chair for a certain time makes my butt itchy, haha. (better laugh about it at times… :man_facepalming:).

No doubt you’ve tried a lot of different things to cut out the potential triggers. Between avoiding things you’re allergic to, changing your entire skincare routine, to home products, and nutrition, and even the good ol’ “you need to meditate because it must be stress”. Ugh! Although there is surely some connection with emotions (like you it’s worse for me when I’m upset, or stressed, or agitated), it feels so much out of our own control.

I personally have PMDD and have started to notice that the allergies and urticaria usually get worse at specific times of menstrual cycles/hormonal changes too. There seems to be 1000 reasons behind all this sh*t and none at the same time, lol.

Funnily enough I found out I’m very mildly allergic to fuzzy fruit like kiwi, peaches ect. I thought it was normal for it to make your tongue itch and numb your lips :joy: but I will never not eat kiwi!

I can’t do those eitheeeer, but also apples. I’ve read somewhere that crossed allergies can do that - especially with an allergy with pollen. The body being dumb and not able to distinguish different proteins between trees and fruits. Yikes. Sometimes it helps to peal the skin of the fruit to only eat the inside, but for fuzzy ones it’s not the most convenient… or it’s actually already obvious.

Thank you for sharing, @Bimini. It feels less lonely on here as well, even though I wish you didn’t have to deal with this.

I’m going to flip a few tables around for you. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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