Almost 60 and worthless

I just left a holiday party where we played a “game” where everyone went around and said one positive word to describe a coworker. Unfortunately no one could come up with a thing to say about me. Do I need To leave this position or just tough it out where I’m not wanted?

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Gosh, marcjean, that’s so brutal :frowning: to feel the only one left out…I’m sorry that happened to you last night. It’s the worst to feel like everyone else belongs and you’re the ugly duckling. I felt that way for so much of my life…it’s a terrible feeling, like everyone else deserves love and you don’t…like everyone else feels secure and you don’t…like everyone else “gets it” or “has it” or whatever, and you don’t…You’re not alone in feeling this way, friend.

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Man. That’s rough. I know I already battle with fear and worry of what other people are thinking about me. I can only imagine how emotionally traumatizing it was to have a room full of people that have nothing positive to say.

Maybe it would be worth pulling someone aside and asking them what’s going on and why this is. Maybe it could help shed some light on why people are struggling and offer you some tips and pointers on where you could improve to help others feel better about the work place. I don’t know the situation so it’s hard to say.

It’s possible that a new job place could be a nice change of view, but it really depends.

Just know that these people do not make or break your value. You matter. You are important. It’s shitty to experience that in a place you have to go to everyday so like I said, it may be worth talking to someone to see what’s up. Maybe communication and a good talk could help.

Either way, I’m really sorry this happened to you friend. :frowning:

I’m sending you so much love right now.

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