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Alone all the time

I’m honestly tired of living, I’ve lost practically everything. Every day all I do is think of ways to end my life, I just can’t muster up the courage to do it. If I were gone I wouldn’t have to feel this pain anymore.

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If you were gone, other people would feel the pain instead of you. People who really AREN´T strong enough to overcome it, but you ARE. You´ve been through so much, I´m sure of it, and that is precisely why you cant give up. Not now, not ever. It is not fair to you. You deserve to live such a happy life with a wonderful family filled with happiness, love, and peace. Giving up will never achieve that. There´s so much more to life than being empty and hopeless. You have to have faith, You need to believe. Jesus is always there. Come to Him.

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When I was my most depressed, felt like I had nothing to live for, and wanted to die, only one thing kept me going. I knew that there was more to life. People haven’t evolved and achieved great things over the last 10,000 years by being despondent and having nothing to live for. I knew there was something terribly wrong. It didn’t do anything to make me happier, it didn’t give me answers, I wouldn’t even say it gave me strength–at the time I had no strength–but it kept me hanging on. Keep hanging on, friend. There’s more to life. There just is.

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From: dyllonkg

Hey friend. Youre loved. I cant wait to show you the video the community is putting together <3

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From: danmakeshismark

It takes courage to open up the way you did. Please don’t end the possibility of things getting better. It can. I’ve seen it happen.

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From: hugs_n_roses

Jayb1rd I know it’s rough but you are loved and valued friend. It does in fact get better (I know from experience). What are you Passionate about? What makes you smile? Live for that, you were put on this earth for a reason. The battle is worth fighting and I know you can pull through.

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From: kayla1508

Thank you for sharing. I know how it feels to wake up every day wanting to die. Sometimes, the first step is to hold on for other people. If you have someone that you love - please hold on for them until you have the strength to hold on for yourself. Hold fast <3

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From: tbc_cosplay

You have value, friend. You are loved more than you know. The universe has a plan for you, and I don’t need to know your real name or what you’ve been through to know that you deserve to be alive.

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From: linkisbad666

A great book once told me (The perks of being a wallflower), So I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.

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Knowing others will hurt if I we’re gone, prevents me from doing anything rash. But it’s still always in the back of my head.

Thank you friend. Im just at a place where I no longer know what to do. My family keeps telling me I need to talk to someone, I’ve done that and it hasnt gotten me anywhere. I just noticed you were form Dallas TX. Small world. I was born in Fort Worth TX

To be honest with you I have had a genuine laugh or smile in such a long time. I want to I just don’t know what is wrong with me

I’m trying so hard! Its just the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with

And that is perfectly okay! We all struggle with thoughts of helplessness at one point, and we will always have moments when we think people are better of with us dead, but no matter how strong that feeling becomes, you have to understand that it is the devil trying to get to you. You have so much to lose!

Is it the Devil though? I feel so many people want to blame the devil for everything. Maybe it’s just how I feel as a human being. Maybe I don’t want to die, but I want my thoughts and memories to go away. It seems their is only 1 solution to that

It IS the devil. He is the source for ALL evil. The good news is that the Lord is stronger. Satan puts these thoughts into your head to pull you further from the truth. The truth of salvation and a blessing you cant even begin to imagine. Even if you arent religious, coming to Jesus doesn’t hurt to try. What have you go to lose?

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Im not trying to shove Christianity down your throat either. I would love for at least one person who reads this to understand the beauty they are missing out on. Please understand that it doesn’t mean you have to give up your entire life and become a perfect saint. It means breaking down in His presence and trusting Him with the plan for your life. He places trails into your life to make you stronger and to grow your patience. He prepares you for a blessing. There is one thing I have never understood, but I know it for a fact. No matter how horrible your past is or how bad of a person you are, HE LOVES YOU. I’ve been a believer all my life, and that makes me NO better than you. He loves you and I equally. If that isn’t hope, I dont know what could possibly help you. Medication, drugs, alcohol, sleep… it wont grant you an escape. Not for long. HE wants to give you a life. A future. It is hard to believe, I know, but I have experienced Gods mercy in my own life countless times and I would love nothing more than to share that hope with you and anyone else who wants to put their faith into something more than themselves. Life cant just be done after death. What would be the point? Yes, you can deny the existence of heaven and hell, but denying doesn’t make it unreal. We all know deep down that life after death is a thing, but we arent prepared to transform and live a life that gets us to the better end. Please, I beg you, turn to Him. Before it is too late…

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I’ve been a believer my entire life. Grew up in the church, was even part of the praise and worship bands. I do believe in God a higher power. My mother preaches the same things you just said to me all the time. I lose faith because of the situation I am in, I’ve lost my job, I had to move away from my family, lost the only person I ever loved in a horrible way. I have no hope right now, I am just defeated.

I understand where you are coming from. I, too, lost many things in life. I lost people I loved, multiple times. I was never accepted in my family because I didn’t reach their expectations for my life. I went through a severe depression and i have scars to prove it. But the truth is, I would never change ANY of that for the world. Why? Because it made me into who I am today. It made me love myself and learn to depend on only Him. I doubted faith and I began to believe God loved everyone but me, but at the end of the day, I learned He couldn’t help me because I wasn’t letting Him in. I looked at Him like I looked at my parents and my pastors. As a human who didn’t and could never understand me. HE MADE YOU! He knew you would go through this. He needs you to continue trying, to continue praying, to continue seeking. He IS there. Dont lose faith. It wont help you. You as a lifelong believer should understand the consequences of ending your life. You’re living hell right now, are you willing to spend eternity there too?

Hello Friend,

We made this just for you

To show you how important you are

I know how you must be hurting inside

But youre still here

Still fighting

We love you

Youre brave for sharing and for that, we appreciate you