Alone for Thanksgiving......... ( Again)

Two years now, in a row, I have been alone for Thanksgiving. It’s hard because I understand why my parents can’t come every month to see me. But I miss them. For me to say that I miss my parents is a massive thing for me. I have been working on my relationship with my family. I know my family loves me, and I have known that. This is the first holiday since I have been working on the relationship that I have wanted to go home. I will be going back for Christmas, but that seems so far away. I am sitting alone in my apartment. It is so hard seeing others enjoying time with their families, and I am, you know, here in Texas. And one point I went for a walk today and hopes that a car would come and hit me. I feel so alone down here. I am tired of feeling this alone.

I understand the want to be around people on the holidays. I spent a good 5-6 years alone on thanksgiving. It’s good to continue to want to be around them, and work on your relationship with them. Just try to stay positive about the good stuff in your life and look forward to December.

I JUST FEEL SO ALONE!!! I just kinda want to be done with life. This is the hardest part of the year for me.

Hi @Learning,

I’m sorry you feel alone, and I really want you to know that you’re not. I know it’s different, but we’re here for you too. :heart:

It’s hard to be away from the people we love, especially during this part of year, when we’re supposed to celebrate and have moments with people we love. I can understand that feeling, as my family is divided in 3 different countries, it became difficult for us to see each other regularly or to spend holidays together. Have you considered/would it be possible for you to use Skype or video conversations, so you can talk to them and feel less alone by seeing them? Sometimes it’s far better than just a phone call. :slight_smile:

I understand the pain you described, but I want you to stay safe. Even when you are physically alone, because you didn’t chose that, you can still try to learn to take care of yourself in these moments. Loneliness isn’t pleasant, but it can also be an opportunity for you to do what you love without any outside distractions. Maybe these moments can be dedicated to explore hobbies, passions that you couldn’t do in the presence of your family. There are always disadvantages and benefits to being alone or in the company of someone. And there will always be moments in your life when you will be physically alone but you don’t have to suffer it. You can always learn to gradually tame this loneliness and make it a useful friend rather than an enemy.

Christmas will come really fast now. You are not alone. We care about you.

Hold fast, friend. :heart:

Thank you @Micro, that means a lot to me. I know I have you guys, but yet at the same time, I don’t want to bother you guys with this stuff. It just hurts to feel alone.