Alone In The Apartment

Hi. First time poster on here. A bit of background because it leads to what I am now. I worked in a call center for 9-10 years, dealing with people on the phone 8 hours a day. I put up with verbal abusers, loud atmosphere on the floor, company not caring for their workers etc. Well about 3 years ago I started to get anxiety attacks and breakdowns at work daily for almost a year, sometimes I left early and went home, other times I went to the hospital or a mental health support center. It was very hard for me to deal with. Well about 2 years ago it escalated so badly one day that I could not take it any longer, so I left work. I went and attempted suicide and was found by the police and woke up in the hospital. I am on meds now for depression and anxiety. This was a major turning point in my life, because at this point, it changed everything about me.So due to working in that environment for so long, I now have issues with myself and people. I prefer not to see people or go out to their place. I don’t trust people. I stay in my apartment not wanting to go out (except to get food and meds). I have no friends to talk to about depression, anxiety and suicide because they just don’t get it or they don’t understand it. I have no motivation probably because I have no one to help me. I have gone to support groups, counselors and a psychiatrist but they can on;y go so far. They have given me tools to help me or help myself, but yet again, alone.I just pray that I had 1 person that was here to talk too. I am scared that sometimes I may slip back into deep depression and then suicide again. I have shut myself off from the world and family and friends. So to recap: I am alone with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts with no one to talk to (in a physical sense, someone coming over to talk to me). Anyways that is my story.

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Hi there,
We are all here for you. I’m sorry you are having such trouble with everything. But please know in this community you are welcomed, loved and appreciated. I’m glad you found this site and are able to be so open. You are not alone here. Stay strong and hold fast friend.

@BlackWulf777 Hold Fast