From misxnthropex: I am married and I still feel alone. I have no friends. Not much support from family. Living separate from husband right now unwillingly and it’s depressing. His family is toxic and causes problems for me for years. I’m struggling with alcoholism again. I’m dealing with not one but two charges now legally and also just hoping I don’t go to jail because then I’ll get kicked out of school. Plus my mugshot was put online and I got written and laughed about on Facebook. People publically called me a homewrecker, said I date rapists, etc… which no, none of this is true. I’d completely accept it if it was true but seeing such horrible things and it isn’t even for any real reason is heartbreaking. I have never met one of them, it’s just a girl that dated my husband like five years ago and has always tried to mess with me emotionally. & The other I literally thought we were cool and haven’t talked in like a decade… On top of everything else, My car is constantly messing up. I am always broke because SSI does not pay anything like people think. I spend most money on driving 50 minutes to school and back every day because I can’t afford a place of my own. I don’t get joy from anything anymore. I can’t play video games anymore. I can’t do anything creative. I don’t sing anymore. I don’t even enjoy listening to music anymore sometimes. I am suicidal but I don’t think I’d ever be able to try to go through with that again. I am exhausted. I’m lonely. I just want to feel slight happiness again. I don’t know what a day without stress and pain is anymore.


hey, i am really sorry that you’re going through all of this. it sounds incredibly overwhelming. you’re dealing with so many tough situations, it’s a lot for anyone to handle. its important to remember that you don’t deserve the horrible treatment and accusations you’re facing. people can be really cruel online, especially when they don’t know the full story. try to remind yourself that their words don’t define you.

take things one step at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself. you’ve survived so much already, and that shows a lot of strength. you’re not alone in this.

sending love,

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hi there misxnthropex,

it seems like you have gone through so much hardships over the past few year and i highly commend you for trying to get through everything. i am sorry that you are going through all of this mental turmoil and no support from the people that you love. i can tell that you are trying to make a life and a name for yourself such as going to school and trying to do your day-to-day tasks but then stress has weighed over significantly in the form of public harassment on social media and not having support from family when you need it the most. whatever you are going through now does not define you, you are more than what people have said online or the struggles that you may be facing. you are so brave for getting through all of these things. you deserve to breathe and relax with everything going on, and i hope you give yourself the time and grace to take things one step at a time.

sending you love and support <3


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hey misxnthropex,

thank you for being here and opening up about the lonely feelings that weigh heavy on your shoulders. i am so incredibly sorry that cowardly people hid behind their screens to comment such hurtful things under a photo you wish was never taken. you are seen, heard, and understood. i feel your frustration and am cheering you on as you pursue a brighter tomorrow. there are many frustrating situations that surround you, and no doubt surround your thoughts, but i believe in you to rise above it. to show those facebook commenters and others that you can conquer anything. your body and mind are exhausted right now, understandably so, so please rest easy and well. you deserve as much rest as possible. i hope you can spark that joy again in the things you love. not just because they’re enjoyable to do but because you deserve that joy, that happiness. i’d love to see your art in the future if you create anything! you’ll be in my thoughts - i believe in you fully and unconditionally.


Hi there! Thank you for sharing.

I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this. It sounds like you’re going through a really tough time. Not only do you have to worry about the charges, but you also have to worry about being ridiculed online. I’m so sorry that people are spreading rumors about you. It’s an awful thing to go through.

Please be gentle with yourself during this time. You’re going to get through this, I promise. I hope that you can find a better support system in the future so that you don’t feel so alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out.

Sending all the love!

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