Alright first time in this site -Trevar

Hey, I’m Trevar, the alter of Skylar and I don’t know what the actual hell im doing but Sky had a rough ass day so he’s taking a seat back and shit. Parents found out about somethings, lost of shit happened. I was fronting when they first called us over.

I was on discord doing dumb shit and then I heard Sky’s deadaname and I tried to tell him to come back atleast but he was gone in his own part so I had to pretend to be Sky. Wasn’t the most fun thing because they found out and i didn’t know what to do so I got Sky back to front but it ended horribly so he’s probably not going to be back whatsoever. But yeah, you can reply to his comments as you would? Just because I’m in control doesn’t change the meaning of his comments. But yeah I’ll probably not hang around here because I don’t know what to do with that sort of stuff but yeah. I’m out now.



Well, he gonna be okay? Do your parents know you probably have DID? if so then they should be understanding.

No they do not know, Sky has kept it secret due to a lot of drama in the family. But eh we are getting a diagnosis about this and Sky wants to take the backseat for now, he’s stressed out so I’m in control for idk how long.


It’s good that you’re there to help, even if only to be present as a friend.

I get that, sometimes you just gotta have a break. I’m guessing since u got a diagnosis either someone else in the family helped you get one or you’re over 18. Either way nice you meet you, I’m X.

Well for the most part we are undiagnosed, we are getting a diagnosis but it’s recent we are switching and such.

Therapist didn’t drop the full details however and our mom does not know everything too.

Which is why I ask who brought you to get the diagnosis. I thought parents would have to know at least some detail of important findings in a session. Such as a diagnosis.
Why do you think you appeared?

I appeared due to the fact Sky is undergoing major stress, I have been with him for a long time but I never wanted to put effort until recently.

In a way you can look at alters in the system as “friends” but it goes into way more depth I’m honestly not in the mood to explain but Sky might when he comes back to fronting

Hey Trevar,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this and update us about the situation. Since we’re all communicating through written messages, misunderstandings can happen easily, so your message is much appreciated. Thank you.

I hear that something happened with your parents and you are more than welcome to talk about it if you want - or Skylar at a different time. But no pressure, it’s just a friendly invitation. In any case, I hope this could be a time of rest for both of you. There is no obligation to hang around here if you don’t want it - just know it’s a safe place and you are always welcome to talk about anything you want, just like Sky is. We care about you. :hrtlegolove:


I have heard about you, I can pick up Sky’s memories and such but anyways that is besides the point. I rather not share what happened with Skylar, since that is his own thing to share but I for the most part here to front in the mean time as Sky needs his own time to sort himself out.

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I totally understand and respect that. Thanks for telling me. :heart:

Alright, I’ll be probably around here for a while but in the meantime I guess I should get to know you all.


Hi, I’m Niko, I’m kind of part of a system too, I’m a main host, as well as X, but X hogs the front alot, so the rest of us tend to doze off for a bit. I wouldn’t say I’m a protector or cartaker or anything, I’ve just been called to the front alot. Another person fronting right now is my brother Kovu. I guess we just wanted to say hi. I came here to post a journal.


Hey. Nice to meet your system then.


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