Always down

I deal with social anxiety and severe depression. I started going to a counselor to help. I feel like it Helped for a little bit. I started taking fluoxetine and it helped with the negative thoughts, but I’m still numb and no desire to do stuff. I used to deal with it by using marijuana. It helped in every category. Atleast in my eyes it did. My wife does not like it one bit. It’s hard to talk to her about it because she just gets mad and doesn’t understand. I went to the doctor again today to tell him I don’t think my medicine is helping enough. Told him everything and he basically said it’s all about putting myself in uncomfortable situations and trying to get better. I was bummed because I was hoping he would have something to help me… just having a hard time and feel like I’m going to feel like this forever



You are not going to be like this forever. You can still figure out of how to get better. I’m sorry your wife doesn’t understand. Hoping you can improve your communication with her.

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You are taking steps and working on finding things that work for you and that is awesome. You will not feel like this forever. It may take time and transitions to be able to feel some more relief but keep pushing through this. I also hope that you and your wife can find a way to communicate that is helpful for both of you to understand each other. I know my husband not listening to me when I was in my darkest pits of depression made the burden seem even heavier and after months of couples counseling we are able to talk about things in a calmer way. Thank you for sharing what is on your mind. Keep trying new things and exploring options like you are doing because not everything will help, but you will find pieces of the puzzle that will


Aw man, I’m so sorry that you had such high hopes for the doctor today and then didn’t get any of the help or answers you were looking for. I’m sure that feels like a huge let down. I encourage you to keep trying. Maybe that means continuing to go to a counselor or trying a new doctor. I know that it often takes a little while to find the right medication but once you do it can be super helpful!

I’m sure it’s such a struggle to feel like the one thing that was helping is something that causes division between you and your wife. I encourage you to use the idea of marijuana helping you to remind you that if that worked than something else will work too! That it’s possible to find healing and find something that will work for you!

Therapy + medication has been such a huge help for me and I believe if you find the right combo it can work for you too!

Good luck!


Hi friend, that sounds really hard. Lots of things on your plate.

Healing can take a lot of time. And finding the right medicine can sometimes take a lot of time. But medicine is only part of the journey. Having therapy and finding ways to help ourselves along the way all plays its part with the medicine. We have to find routines and healthy habits to help ourselves. (:

Its good to be open and honest with your spouse about what you are feeling as it is for them to be honest with you. To work with each other when you are hurting. Be open to each other. That’s how relationships work. My partner isn’t a huge fan of marijuana either. I get it. Even though people have recommended it for various health things. There are lots of alternatives out there, just have to talk to your doctor about it.

Sometimes, yes, we have to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to move forward. I did too. I had to step outside of my element and fight for a healthier life for myself and I feel so much better. It’s a challenge, sure, but if you have a counselor to talk to along the way it makes the journey so much easier.

I hope and pray that you are feeling a little better and hope that you find the strength and courage to do what you need to fight for you! <3 Much love

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