Always feel alone

I always feel so alone I have no friends I can hang out with and I’m not in a relationship with anyone, I feel like I almost don’t really exist.


Hi lonelyfreak
Thank you for posting, it can take courage to express our feelings, and I’m proud of you for writing here. Writing can often make the feelings a little bit better, so I hope that was the case for you.

@Solemnis wrote a very intriguing comment on a different post about loneliness, I suggest reading it.
Here’s a small part of what they said that really stuck in my mind: “let’s assume you are not the absolute loneliest person in the world. You are “only” the second-loneliest person in the world. Let’s assume there is one single person who is even more lonely than you are. And now your goal is to find that person, so you both won’t feel lonely anymore. Make this your personal quest.”
By playing this game, accepting this quest, you will find friends along the way, because the only way to find out who the loneliest person in the world is to talk to others.

The loneliness is real, not having friends to talk with, do things with, or even to simply be with only gets harder as time passes. I hope being here helps you feel more connected with other people, even though they might not be close to you.

Here for you


No unfortunately writing this has not made me feel better. I just don’t understand why do I have to exist why do I have to constantly feel this way.

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Hi friend,
thank you for sharing. thank you for being here and reaching out to us.
loneliness can hit hard, it can make you build walls around yourself to protect you but also to make you disconnect.
it is hard often enough, life is hard far too often that we would like. you are not alone in this. many people feel that
way you do, many people, also people here can relate to. and what comes with it, also goes with it. the first thing
that is needed, like in many cases i would say, is that there is a spark of willingness in you, that wants to change that.
you reached out there, that shows it is there. i felt this way also for a long time. over the last years.
reaching out, maybe also considering profesional help, or a self help group is a good way, for you maybe also.
are there communities in your area you could seek help in ?
you did the first of many steps, the most important one. remind yourself, that you only need to see your next one.
build up on that, one step a time and you will find your way. we are with you. you are loved.
you matter most. :purple_heart:
feel hugged, and i hope you have a wonderful day my friend.


Hello lonelyfreak, I’m also pretty lonely so you’re not alone. Do you think you feel lonely only because you don’t have friends or a partner or because you have some issues with connecting with others or maybe a combination?
I have found online communities can help with feeling lonely. I’ve talked with some people on other mental health apps and also social media apps like tik tok and instagram.

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You are not alone, I’m in the same boat as you. My friend went separate ways and I too don’t have a romantic partners. I tent to talk myself a lot because I don’t have any friends anymore. I can relate to where you are coming from.

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It’s probably a combination of the two.