Am having a mental breakdown right now

HELP ME !!! am having a mental breakdown right now becuase am feel vere overwhilmed with school and helping out around the house i feel like i cant do everthing right for my parents becuase im aways be yelled at by them am sad becuase i falled cupple of my class this semter am having anyixty becuase am aways afid of get yelled at and the world is a scar place right now and i dont feel safe i feel stress becuase i feel like am let everone down all the time and i cant get my assment done on time or i fogot to do some of my crying and locked my self in the bathroom HELP ME !!!


Hey. This is the first thing that came to my mind:

First exercise begins at 3:30
Second around 6:56
Around 9:40 for the last.
You could also go through to whole video to catch the full explanations but since it urges you to snap out of your state you can just follow along with the timers I gave you.
After you finish you could engage in a meditation for as long as you need.

Kait <3 This is a totally valid reaction to everything you have on your plate. Know you’re not letting anyone down as long as you are always doing the best you can do. You’re reaching out for help which is totally evidence to me that you are, so keep doing that!

The breathing techniques above should be super helpful to get you back to a centered place so you can work through some of what you’ve got going on.

School can always be worked on, redone, relearned, and improved. It’s an amazing process like that. Once you’re in a better place, focus on what you can learn from these experience to avoid “failing” next time. A letter grade doesn’t define you, what you really learn from it is what matters.

I hope you’re doing a bit better since you posted this. Let yourself feel it, bring yourself back to the center, a find a way to look forward to start to tackle all the stresses in your way.

You got this! Reach back out if you need it please. You’ve got a safe place here <3


Hey @kait2345,

I just read this and I hope you’ve been feeling better since you posted. It’s okay to be stressed with so many things going on, and it’s absolutely okay to cry so you can release this pressure on your chest, at least a little.

I understand that the world seems like a scary place right now. It feels like there’s so much going on, also like we have absolutely no control. Know that your feelings are totally natural and you are not alone right now. I’ve also been feeling very anxious these days, and it’s been the same for too many people. Maybe you could consider to stay away from social medias (as you can) and not read the news for a certain time. It’s still something you can do to take care of yourself.

I’m also very sorry to hear about your parents yelling at you. I don’t know how is your relationship with them precisely, but I really hope they’ll be able to understand that you’re facing a lot of pressure right now and you’re doing your best. Indeed, school can be overwhelming, and I can only imagine how it’s been to study during covid and lockdowns. But you will go through this, you will be okay.

You’re doing what you can, friend. Not only in your studies, but also to just move on through all of this. I see you. What you are going through matters. If you can, today, take a little break from everything and just focus on taking care of yourself. You deserve some time to breathe, to slow down and feel better.

This community is here for you as well, through all of this. Feel free to share anytime about what’s going on for you. We care about you here. We only want the best for you.

Sending love your way. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi @kait2345 - I hope the love and support helped you through what you were experiencing when you posted this. It can be really hard to be juggling as much as it sounds like you are, and reaching out for others to support you and help you through a tough time is really inspiring. Sometimes, a breakdown can actually help us build back up. Your reactions are valid, and feeling like you can’t handle any more is okay.

I hope when you see this, you are feeling better, but if you are not please let us know how we can support you. You don’t have to go through this alone.