Am I a good person

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not a good person, I feel like I manipulate people sometimes, and I feel like I shouldn’t really exist at all.


Hey there, sometimes it’s a bit hard when the thoughts circle around or we replay things in our minds and don’t have an outlet to talk about them or have someone share a fresh perspective on them.
Have you beee able to talk through it with someone?
I used to really struggle fearing and wondering if I was a manipulative friend or a toxic friend, and sometimes getting too stuck in those thoughts can cause us to shift away and put up walls towards people who love us.
Sometimes we have to take a moment and ask would a truely bad person even think about that? Would they care so much that they’re concerned for how they’re treating others?
So perhaps you’re being especially hard on yourself when you don’t need to be


If you’re ever scared that you’re a bad person remember that bad people don’t care about being better. :hrtlegolove:


No I don’t really like talking to people about stuff like that.

I guess that’s true I just feel like I could be better but I seem to never be able to change.

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Hello lonelyfreak,
you feel like it, then give it a try. Change is progress, progress is hard.
But if you don’t try, will you know how it could be ?
Do small steps, little things in your life. Smile and see if people smile back, greet people, just for
the beginning.
Reaching out here is also progress. Thank you for posting, have a nice day my friend and feel hugged

I totally agree with this comment. People who are really constantly manipulating and hurting, don’t even care about it.

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Hey friend,

May I ask what makes you feel like you are manipulating others? Oftentimes when we fear doing bad things, it’s actually the perception of what we do that needs to be shifted. If you have any example in mind, I’m sure you’d receive some honest and reassuring responses here.

No matter what, you are not a monster or a bad person. The very fact that you worry about your actions and their possible consequences shows that you care about others well-being. :hrtlegolove:

Idk I guess I feel like I’m manipulating people on here probably goes back to me thinking I don’t deserve help or people treating me kindly.


everyone here deserves to be treatet kindly, so you.
You reached out to us with your worries and we are to help.
Why do have this feeling to manipulate people here ? it is our choice to be here, respond and
help, so i dont think you are manipulating me.
Have a nice day my friend, feel hugged and

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