Am I an addict?

is this true? am i an addict if i use biological drugs when i’m in emotional trouble? i use 'em ya… but i do have my clean phases… when i’m not on drugs… i do reflect without drugs on my life… but if i can and i’m willing to lift up my spirits… but on the other side i don’t want to lift up… i want to sink… in my ocean of emtional disaster… and that’s what alcohol for instance is for for me… cannabis i use to have fun… or to have really outer space experiences… but am i an addict that way? pls i want ur oppinion…

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I was an alcoholic. In my experience when you start using something as a coping mechanism or it becomes a requirement for you to function, then yes you are addicted. The same thing happens with cutting or even with exercise. When you start getting cravings for the substance, you Need to have it, your body has become addicted. When you just like to have a beer after work, every day without fail, and it feels as natural as breathing - then you are emotionally addicted to it. I used to use drinking as a coping mechanism and it took a lot for me to realize I had a problem. I became so accustomed to having a drink when I had a shitty day (or two or three) and i no longer could go to bed without having a drink - that’s when I knew I was addicted.

Quitting alcohol was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Harder than pulling the steering wheel at the last second before I would have collided with the railing at 120 mph, harder than dealing with my depression every day. I drink every now and then now but addiction is so much different. It becomes a part of who you are, you can’t escape the feeling of needing it, and it eats you up inside and tears you apart when you quit. The only person who can help when someone is addicted to something, is the person with the addiction. No amount of conversation or telling them what to do will fix their addiction. It takes pain, grit, anger, and disappointment to beat addiction. You have to feel angry at yourself for letting yourself slip so far. You need to be disappointed in yourself for not being more responsible. You need to hurt. Feel the pain as the substance releases your body and feel the pain of every withdrawal to teach yourself not to slip again. And you need to have grit to make it through.

If you think you may be addicted, know that you are making the first step towards a recovery and preventing yourself from slipping down that path. If you can recognize that you may have a problem, then you can make more responsible choices in the future.

You are strong and capable



There are tests you can take online that will help you discern that.

Whether or not it’s an addiction, I’d say it’s not healthy if you’re using drugs or alcohol to solve your emotional problems, because instead of facing those things, you’re drowning them. You want to be able to handle your emotions on your own two feet, consistently, and never using drugs to solve those problems for you. You’ll cripple your ability to handle life, relate to others, and grow to become who you want to be.

In that sense, even if you don’t have a full blown addiction, this might reveal that you’ve got some emotional problems that you ought to address to become a more healthy individual. Recovery is for anyone who wants to better their lives, even if you don’t have an addiction. The 12 steps is a great program to help you understand your own emotional problems and work towards greater mental and emotional health – I’ve been through it myself.

Hope that whatever you come to discover about your relationship with substances that you see there’s opportunity for growth and that you take steps into that!


Hi friend, thanks for reaching out.

I believe that when you use something to cope with issues then yes, you’re an addict. I used to have similar issues, and it’s just as Metallica says, it quickly becomes your master.

However, you are strong enough to let those things go and make it by yourself!

Love you

Pioggia :sunflower: