Am I Being Paranoid

Don’t you love it when your friends exclude you from things. Like it’s so trivial but it still feels like a stab to the heart. I don’t think they mean it but when they hide what they’re looking at and giggle to each other when I’m just sitting there, it feels horrible. Am I that untrustworthy? And I know I shouldn’t pry, so I don’t, but when they do it right in front of me and just ignore me, I just feel like shit. Should I feel this why or am I just being nosy? I’ll try to talk to them, but somehow, even when I sit next to them, they don’t hear me. I’m so stupid for caring about such dumb things, but I get scared that it’s about me. It may sound silly because I know they care about me, but the thoughts sneak their way into my mind and I can’t get them out. I know I’m being irrational, but it hurts, it truly hurts.


It seems like they’re being immature or petty. I’m sorry they exclude you. It does hurt. Very much.

Just know you’re worthy of a friendship that values you.


Hi @MyOwnAbyss,

I’m sorry your friends behaved like this and you’re hurting from this situation. You’re not stupid at all. Relationships should be based on reciprocity and it sounds like they were mean to you. There’s nothing wrong about you. Sometimes being in a group create some kind of effect which is done to the detriment of someone. It’s not related to who you are. Maybe they’re not aware of the fact it’s hurting you, or maybe they are. But in any case, I sincerely hope talking to them will be helpful for all of you. You deserve to have friends who make you feel loved, seen, heard and implied in joyful moments. So I really want you to know that you’re not alone. And however the situation may evolve in times to come, we’ll be here for you.

Sending much Love your way. :heart:

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I will try to muster up the courage to tell them how I feel…
Thank you for the support, I appreciate it

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I dont mean to pull away from you story or ask for help, but this is something that happened to me very recently.

These 2 girls and I are friends, that’s all we are, all it will ever be i have no interest in them other than friends and they know that. This mutual feeling helps everyone feel safe for when we go out to a bar, or hang out, basically I’m like the security guard that pushes through crowds, and I get them home safe.

Anyways I asked them out one night to meet my friend and I paid for their first drink as per usual and they completely left, we tried talking to them everyone was very nice but they removed themselves from the conversation not once, but twice. No excuse us we need to talk, or hey give us some room, just them walking away. Eventually my work friend and I decided to go to a different bar down the road to have our own fun, and both of us had a fantastic night.

So maybe it isn’t you, maybe they dont notice you, but that’s on them. I truly believe that everyone is interesting to someone and everyone has their own story for others to listen to, maybe these are some people you dont want to have listen to you

I truly hope this helps :heart: