Am i better?

i think i just found my perfect friend. we know each other for 12 years but we didn’t keep in touch until 3 days ago. i found out that her parents had a fight and will divorece in a couple of days i told her that i am here if she needs any help. then my turn came, i told her about my best friend she knew him as well but they weren’t friends she told me that if i need any help she can give me a hand. ig we are in the same situation, im am so happy for this omg
haven’t been happy recently
oh btw im one week clean😕



oh btw im one week clean😕

This is a wonderful accomplishment, @bianka. :hrtlegolove: Really, really proud of you for that. First it’s one hour, then one day, then a week, then several weeks and so on. Every step matters while you are healing. That is something 100% worth celebrating! :slight_smile:

I’m also really glad to hear about this friend. It sounds that you really found each other well. It’s fascinating sometimes how life is, especially when it’s about meeting people at the right time.

Enjoy the smiles and happiness - you deserve it. :hrtlegolove:

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