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Am I broken?

Why is everything SO HARD I been trying to do dishes FOR DAYS and I can hardly fucking move All’s I need to do is stand up and walk to the kitchen but my FUCKING legs won’t GO like I’m sending the messages to move and go but my legs feel heavy I’m not paralyzed I can wiggle my toes but I can’t stand up ugh I just want to GET SHIT DONE god damn it me just GO I’ve done it dozens of times it’s not THAT hard JUST FUCKING GO CRISTY JUST FUCKING GET UP AND DO THE FUCKING DISHES god damn it why is shit this basic so fucking hard for me ugh it’s fucking stupid


I’m sorry but I can’t let you sit there…I forced myself today to hit this meeting and gather whatever I could to change…I no u can do this…if I can you can.GET UP

Hey friend.

I’m sorry something that may seem so simple is causing so much stress in your life. I hear you.

You know all the things to do. You know it won’t be a massive ordeal, and yet it’s just… impossible.

For me, my impossible task is often laundry. I have a laundry system where I literally don’t even have to fold or hang my clothes. Just dump in washer, move to dryer, dump on basket and move to place where they lay flat. No folding or hanging.

Why is it so hard? The entire task is 95% waiting. Why, oh why, oh why do I let it all pile up until we literally have no clothes? I don’t know. And it is frustrating to an extreme.

Often, though, I find I’m actually really stressed or worried or otherwise unable to process something else in my life, and it turns into a laundry block.

Sometimes there’s just a block in our brains from somewhere else, and we naturally put that block on the thing in front of us because that’s “easier” to process than whatever it is that we need to process in the first place. We’ll, I say “we” but that’s just my experience.

Instead of looking at the dishes as one complete task. What if you look at it like “right now, I’m going to wash one spoon.” And that’s it. Allow yourself to let everything else sit. Because if the other option was to do literally no dishes, then at least you’re one spoon closer. Or pick up one cup and put it in the dishwasher, if you have one. Or take one single plate out of the dishwasher and put it away. Etc. If your other options are zero, one dish is 100x better than 0 dishes!

Also, no. You’re not broken. There could be a million different reasons our brains latch onto a task and just go “nope. Impossible.” And as infuriating as that is, it is possible to work around it. <3