Am i childish?

Hi everybody I’m currently in my early twenties and one of my hobbies is collecting toys and stuffed animals especially vintage ones. I also watch a lot of cartoons and animated shows. Does this make me childish or immature? I really enjoy collecting them and it makes me very happy. I usually buy them second hand and am careful in terms of budgeting for my expenses. I feel almost guilty about it like I’m wasting money.

Side note thank you to everyone here. I always appreciate replies on my posts. You guys always manage to pull me out of the deep end.


Not at all! I like watching cartoon for the nostalgia from my childhood. I love watching bluey because it’s precious.
You budget to save for something you enjoy. If I could I’d fill a whole room full of Lego and mini house kits. And I’d also collect a ton of mini kewpie babies if I could!

Some people like funko pop, I’ve seen beautiful instagram accounts collecting miniature dolls or kitchens etc. I love watching mini cooking on YouTube.

I know this sounds like all about me I’m so sorry! But my point trying to be is that you’re allowed to enjoy these things. You’re not frivolously spending money, you’re not hurting anyone. You’re allowed to self care, and your self care looks like taking some of your own hard earned money aside to bring yourself joy through these collections.

I know there are some people who will tell you negative things about it, but I honestly believe it’s because they are too embarrassed to enjoy something they think others will tease them for. I wish everyone could just relax a bit and enjoy whatever makes them happy with these things.


Hi Patches23,

It sounds like you’re approaching this very sensibly and responsibly! Budgeting for these expenses is a really good indication (to me) that you’re taking a part of your funds to buy them, buying them second hand as well. That’s a very mature way to approach expanding your collections!

I’m glad they bring you joy, and I hope that you keep doing these self-care things that make you happy. It’s good to see your post, and we’re always here for you whenever you need us!


Hey Patches23,

It sounds to me like you have a hobby that you are really into, and you are approaching it in a very responsible, mature fashion. You know what you like, what brings you joy, and what helps with your self care. You are being unashamedly you. And I think that is fantastic.

Immaturity would come into play if you chose to pursue it to a point of negative impact the other parts of your life - spending too much money on it to where you can’t meet your needs, too much time to where you aren’t getting your responsibilities done, etc. Enjoying what you love in a way that builds you up and doesn’t negatively impact your life? Nope, that’s fine.

Your passion may not be everyone else’s cup of tea. But it is your cup.

Sip away.


hi patches,

if you find enjoyment and happiness from something so wholesome and harmless, no one should think anything negative about it. with any animated show, they’re created by people around your age so most of them still holds appeal to an adult audience even if their target audience is younger (like owl house, for example). from what you’ve shared on the collecting side of things, you’re spending wisely by keeping to a budget which is awesome! i’m very much in the mindset is if something isn’t harmful and you get enjoyment out of it, who cares how it’s perceived, yaknow? your happiness is priority! you matter & have infinite value, my friend, thank you for being here!



Hey Patches23! This isn’t childish at all! I’m in my 30s with a best friend older than me and we constantly watch vintage cartoons together and quote them to each other. Having fun is never childish or problematic as long as you are not harming anyone.

Everyone has a hobby and everyone has a collection they enjoy nurturing. I have way too many books. Some people collect sports memorabilia or comic books or Pokémon cards or movie posters or LEGO sets or any number of different things But you know what makes this 100% not immature at all? The fact you are budgeting and paying attention to how much you spend on them. That is prime adulting. That is very mature and responsible. As long as you do not start buying outside your means then there is nothing for you to feel even a little bit guilty about.

Plus buying them secondhand helps keep them beloved by someone rather than ending up in a landfill like at the end of Toy Story 3. I hope you enjoy your collection and your cartoons! Have fun being unashamedly you!!! :hrtlegolove:


Thank you :blush: I love watching bluey too!

Thank you :blush: I’ve never really thought of it as self-care but you’re right it is a form a self-care

Thank you! I really like that last line, “sip away” it feels affirming

Thank you, i love the owl house! I felt happy when i read the part about me having infinite value :heart:

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That’s such a cute way to think of thrifting, giving discarded toys a second chance. Thank you. I feel better now that i can see so many people share the same hobby and that I’m mature in my responsibility

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