Am I making a huge mistake?

I can’t leave the house where I live for any reason or I can’t come back in. My job called me back for work Fri. It’s a decent job for what it is and the longest I’ve ever kept. Need to get to docs for meds for my Crohn’s and BPD, Depression, & anxiety. I’m Getting an AirBnB until I can find a more permanent place. I leave today at 3 EST. I’m so scared of what will happen and I feel like I’m making a huge mistake.

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Your landlords’ fear is understandable, but they are being extreme. You have to do what’s best for you, and that means making a tough choice between keeping up your living situation or keeping your job and getting your meds. Sounds like you made your choice, and it will be the better long-term investment. These days it’s easier to find housing than a good job. If you’re religious, remember that the Lord will provide whatever you need, even if it’s not everything you want. If you’re not, then you’ve got this. It’s just a speed bump, you haven’t derailed your life, and you’ll keep on truckin’.