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Am i not good enough?

I had this constant feeling of worthless and useless. I feel like i am not good enough. I get angry easily each day without reasons. I kept comparing myself with others. I always wonder why am i not good enough? I tried to find the things that im good at but i just couldnt find any. My mind keep on telling me that i have nothing good in me, that i am just an average person. It keep on reminding me that i am not smart enough,not pretty enough,not good enough. I feel belittled and inferior all the time. It makes me feel furious at the world. It makes me feel angry at myself. I hated myself. I cannot stand this anymore. I am tired. There are times i wish i could just disappear from this world.

Dear @averagelittlegirl ,
I’ve been in that same place, and I’ve been out of it. Let me tell you something: you are not useless, you are not worthless. You have until your last day to find your worth. Note that I said find, not prove. You don’t exist for the sole purpose of proving yourself to anybody but you. Find who you are for you, not for the people around you.
Don’t compare yourself with others either. Compare yourself to who you used to be. Constantly strive to better yourself for you. Start small. If you need to move a pile of sand, you don’t just start pushing the pile, you grab a shovel and move it bit by bit.
Stay strong: you are loved :slight_smile:


I’m dealing with same issue, I’m mentally unstable to point where I have to live my parents. Anger is also my weakness, hell I even destroyed my room today and scream top my lungs. I’m still in recovery is hard road. But I’m sure that you can finds stuff about you can note worthily. It does not have to big anything big and there no such things as perfect. Most of all, it okay to be average. The rule that you be like big star or highly intelligent is over rated. I know it hard to love yourself, but sometimes accept for you are and be okay with it.


Hi @averagelittlegirl,

It may take some time to find the things you consider yourself good at. Most of people have to try a lot of different things before they find the job, hobby or any activity they truly enjoy.

I don’t think you get angry for no reasons. What your mind is telling you is not nothing. It’s harmful. And over time it can deeply impact your self-esteem, the way you see yourself and, by extension, the way you treat yourself. In order to take care of yourself, maybe it would already be interesting for you to think about a healthy and safe way to deal with this anger. I don’t want that feeling to end up against you. You’re already thinking really tough things about yourself. Maybe things you’ve heard or you’ve been told, but not the truth.

Also, comparing oneself with others always brings more harm than good (except for really egocentric people, maybe). We all do this sometimes. And we can come to the conclusion that we’re not enough this or too much that, that others succeed better, are happier … But when we do compare ourselves to others, we also forget who we really are.

You have worth. You have value. You matter. :heart:

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Hey @averagelittlegirl
I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I know how it feels to think you’re not ever going to be good enough and that just not existing anymore is the best option, but remember that these things that your mind keeps telling you aren’t true.
You matter, you are beyond good enough. Your worth isn’t determined by what you can and can’t do. It’s not determined by what you look like. I hope that we can help you to realise that - I’m still having to learn it myself, but it’s much easier with a community around me.

Hold Fast

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Hey @averagelittlegirl

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