Am I oversharing with y'all?

So, I know some of you are going to read this and comment “well, how can you have overshared? You’ve never posted before?” before you ask that, this is an anonymous account. I am known under a very different name to this, but for my own reasons, I want to stay unknown for now

Ok… To get into this, the title pretty much says what I want to say
I share virtually my whole life with this community, it is my lifeline it’s where my family is. The last few months so much has happened, and I’ve started to feel like I’m sharing too much. Maybe I’m reading too much into peoples reactions as a result of that but, I’m getting the feeling others are thinking the same thing. A huge part of me is telling me to just stop all together. Stop reaching out the people I’ve formed relationships with, and just stop reaching out in general, because it feels as if people are starting to care less and less… I feel like I’m so much less important than everyone else that exists in this community. I’m starting to feel invisible or like I’m a burden to certain people and I honestly don’t know how to handle it. I don’t want to go into too much detail right now, because, I don’t want to give away who I am - but, most people know me by name in the community. You can start to describe my personality and pretty much instantly, people will know you’re talking about me… This is something I don’t take for granted and I appreciate that I have an impact like this on others.It’s just that I can’t shake these thoughts that people are getting fed up of me and my shit and that I need to stop sharing.What should I do?

  • Yendrea.

This is a place to share. It is a place to come when you need support and help. Recently I posted because I needed it. And that was strange as I am usually the one not posting topics but, commenting and helping. If I posted a topic it was to lift people up and help them. You can’t overshare on a place built by sharing. Everyone cares and will always be there for you through any struggle. Especially the ones who you touched and helped yourself.

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Hi Yendea,

My dear friend, your thoughts are lying to you. Your anxiety is making you think we are annoyed by you. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. This community is for everyone and anyone to talk about what they are dealing with in their lives. Whether you post once or 1 million times we are here for you. I’m sorry that you have felt like people care less and less about you. But I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that that is never our intention. It is so much better to be honest and open about how you feel then to keep it locked inside. Some people might not be in a good mental space to help as much, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love and care about you. We are here for you, always.


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There is no such things as oversharing. You share when you want to. You have the right to express yourself. You know deep down inside of you that there are some people in this world who loves you. This community, family, friends, loves you. We will listen to you. Be there for you and with you. Don’t feel like you burdening us. We are glad you are sharing your struggles. You care. Continue to vent. Continue to reach out. Remember, you are not alone. I hope you are having a decent weekend, and thank you for sharing. God bless you.