Am struggling

Hay am stuggle with depression relay bad,trid all the time, not eating,not sleep, being irritated eassy I just need Encouragement to keep going


Hey Kaitlin, has anything been happening lately that’s triggered this, or it just sometimes comes on?
It’s okay to need rest and time out to take care of yourself. It really does make you feel so tired and lethargic.

Have you got support around your like friends or family that you talk to and who can help keep an eye on you/spend time with you?

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, kaitlin! I’m sorry you are struggling so hard right now. It’s never easy when things feel like they pile and even simple human tasks are impossible. Take it one step at a time. Eat something decadent and unhealthy just so it’s food and you can enjoy life for a moment. When you become irritated take a deep breath and let the moment pass and be replaced by another one.

Do you have any friends you can lean on right now? Someone who will ask if you’ve eaten or to list food you’ve eaten that day? Someone who will send you a message reminding you to put down the phone and try to sleep? I hope so. I hope you have a friend or family member you can lean on during this difficult time.

Just let yourself exist for now and don’t worry about the rest of life too much. I hope you are able to relax and get through this rough time. Breathe deep :hrtlegolove:


From: twixremix

hey kaitlin, thank you for being here on the forum and sharing your struggles with us. please know we’re here to support you and encourage you through this tough time and beyond. is there a friend or family member that can support you through this depression, making sure you’re eating, getting to sleep at a reasonable time, and spending quiet moments to practice self-care and take it slow and easy? you can get through this and i believe in you to make it out on the other side. you just need to grant yourself forgiveness as you heal your mind and body as it goes through this depression. start by eating your favorite snack or an easy-to-make meal, heck, even have something delivered to make it easier on yourself. take a warm shower for as long as you need to wash away the negativity and focus on the feeling of water droplets on your skin. change your sheets and sleep for however long you can. watch your favorite show, read your fav book, escape for a moment into your favorite things to rest your mind from difficult thoughts. take things one step at a time and be forgiving to yourself for putting you as the priority. you can do this, you can keep moving forward. i believe in YOU! love, twix


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