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I have the worst case of anxiety which makes everything feel bigger then it is, and I do know that…
So I’m young, and had a child. He’s great! But I’ve been through some stuff. Some serious stuff that includes my father and rape, so I have some serious trust issues which makes it incredibly difficult to trust my son alone with Anyone! He’s just had his second birthday and he’s NEVER been away from me. I’m an extremely introverted person and my beautiful boy is the complete opposite which would be absolutely fine… If I had a moment to recharge my battery but I just can’t bring myself to separate from him long enough to do that. It’s a catch 22 because on one hand, I love being around my boy, but in the other sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the constantly having someone there, we even sleep in the same big bed together most nights. I absolutely hate that his father never gets to go do daddy son things with him unless I’m there, he’s a great man! But so was my father when he wasn’t being an Arsehole so I just don’t know. I don’t know what to do. I did go see my doctor because I was constantly crying myself to sleep and my son is getting too old now that people are asking why he isn’t in daycare yet, and I just can’t tell them why so I make up excuses like he’s not ready. I was put on Prozac so that will at least help me calm down my thought train and help me sleep and handle life better, but I know that won’t help the actual issue. I guess I just wanted to finally let it out and tell someone as AmandaRuthArt encouraged me to let it out on here finally. Maybe someone who has been through the same can give some advice? Thank you for reading my novel :pensive::pensive:

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PTSD is a one of the biggest things out there. I was a victim of being molested and I understand not being able to trust people. It’s good to have mother instincts. Everything will be ok. Slowly start taking steps to conquering your fear! It’s a scary first step but the more tiny steps you make the more you’ll slowly step away from the fear talking! You got this!


MamaKitty! I’m so proud of you for posting and sharing this. <3 I know you were there in stream when we went over this and I’m so proud of all of you progress! Stay strong and keep moving forward. Still posting the highlight link here in case anyone reading this post has a similar struggle. We responded as a community for the Mental Health Raid. Watch Highlight: Heart Support - Mental Health Raid - !HS !Donate from AmandaRuthArt on