Amazing twenty one pilots song

Heyyy guys… Yesterday was really hard for me. I felt miserable but then i heard this amazing twenty one pilots song… Its called taxi cab… Pls guys, pls listen to it… I promise it would make you feel a little better about any struggles you may be going through.


Thanks for the recommendation @Need_help2705! Here’s a quick link for everyone who want’s to listen to it:


Also Guns for hands is a good song I listen to it a lot


Glad you were able to find hope in that song <3 Do you want to share with us a little bit about what happened yesterday that put you in that spot?

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Hii. Im really stressed about my future… I’ve just finished uni and i dont know what im going to do next… I need employment but its difficult getting work with no experience. All this really scares me, thats why when i heard this song it made me feel like im not alone