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Amen bro, I feel the same way living alone, meditation, going for walks, the gym and microdosing magic mushrooms has helped a ton for me. The magic mushrooms has been the biggest change though highly recommend it :slight_smile:

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Hey friend – glad to hear you’ve been seeing light through the tunnel, by finding what actually helps you and has a positive effect on your life. It’s often the combination of many changes, routines and habits to implement, isn’t it? Through our loneliness, there are definitely practices that can help us embrace solitude instead, find value in our own presence, in ourselves, and feel whole agein – even when there’s no one with us. You in yourself bring so much value in this world, and I’m grateful for that fact that you’ve kept seeking what helps you. “Trying is healing”, is what a friend told me recently, which I deeply agree with. Not only you’ve been trying, but your efforts have been rewarding. Well done. May this path bring as much healing as you need. And if you ever need a friend to listen, you’ll always find one at Heartsupport. Take care. <3

@heartsupport I agree, I think it is a combination of things, and it’s always a step by step process :slight_smile: my favorite quote is “you don’t have to see the full staircase to take the first step” and thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated :slight_smile: means a lot to me!

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