An Update : 6 months later

Good Morning,

It has been quite a long time since I had an update post or even posted here, but I thought it would be important for me to update y’all in case anyone is concerned.

I was dismissed from my college a few months ago due to low grades. This was purposely planned so I didn’t have to communicate with the college in the future about paperwork. This method worked. I was desperate to get out.
The college I attended was extremely ableist and did not treat me and other disabled people with respect at all. The students there were no help either and the system was completely flawed. I moved out in May.
I entered a Partial Hospitalization Program shortly after I moved back home and since then, I have been doing much better. I am taking medication and I have a social worker now. If I did not enter the partial program, I wouldn’t have been alive today. I was in the most risky state of mind. After my previous post, it got so much worse. I was completely consumed by my mental illness, but now I am fighting back and treating it with respect at the same time.
I am an early riser these days, I spend my time doing personal research on beetles and weather patterns, my favorite topic is Storms and Storm clouds.
Me and my Social Worker are sifting through diagnoses as there is much more going on in my brain than meets the eye. There is a possible chance I have a dissociative disorder.
I am happy I am doing much better, but life is not perfect. Dad’s condition got worse and he is on permanent oxygen now. It’s okay though, it happens. That’s another topic for another day.

Until Next Time,

End of Line.


thank you for the progress post!
it’s good to hear that you went in for help, got a social worker and stuff going on now.
So very wonderful!

Thank you for sharing this. I’m hopeful that others will get inspired and feel braver to go into the hospitals for help like you did, when they see the way it can help.

You rock!


This is so good to hear, @salmonpupper. Thank you so much for sharing these updates. I hope it’s also a good opportunity for you to keep a tangible reminder of hope that you could come back to, whenever you need. There are places where one can be met with lots of disrespect, but thankfully there are spaces where people are understanding, accommodating, welcoming. I’m so glad that you have now a solid support system and that you have given yourself a chance when you were at your lowest. Others behavior and lack of care should never condition our future, our sense of worth and belonging. You are worthy. You do belong. And you are so very loved. May this be a new beginning for you, one in which your environment is composed of healthy, safe and respectful people. One in which you can be yourself unapologetically, because oh my you so deserve it.

I wish you well. Take care. :hrtlegolove:



Hi Friend, Thank you for getting us up to date with your progress. It sounds like your getting a hold on your mental illness and had the courage to seek help. I really hope you continue to improve please keep us updated. ~Mystrose


Hello there,

Welcome back to HeartSupport!

After reading this post, I have a fun question to ask you. Have you ever thought about being a storm chaser? I have followed a girl on Vine & now TikTok as well as Instagram. Her name is Joanne Lavoie & she is an amateur storm chaser. It looks like so much fun & she shares her knowledge with her audience.

I hope that you keep on finding your joy & doing better with each passing day.

You are important. You are valid. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


From: twixremix

hi salmonpupper, (i love your username btw)

welcome back to the heartsupport forum, my friend, thank you for being here and sharing this update. from what you’ve shared, you made the best decision for your mental health to be dismissed from college. disability resources at colleges still have a long way to go but it sounds like you’re still pursuing subjects you’re passionate about which is awesome. storms and storm clouds are mega interesting, do you think this personal research could turn into a meteorologist passion in the future?

all in all, i’m proud of you for all you’ve conquered since you’ve last posted here on the forum. you’ve found the treatment plans and the support you needed, you are fighting back on reclaiming your life as your own, and respecting your journey behind and ahead of you. i wish you all the best as you and your social worker find your diagnosis - i know a lot of legendary people on this forum who have dissociative disorders so feel free to post on the forum/wall if you need anyone to talk to about it! looking forward to hearing more progress updates, my friend, until next time!



Hey Salmonpupper,

It is so great to hear back from you! It sounds like you’ve had quite a productive 6 months, and are turning things around to the direction that you want them heading towards. I am so glad that your treatment is working well for you, too. That’s always great to see happening. Keep up the great progress, friend!

It’s great you get to spend your time studying topics that interest you. The two seem like they could go together in natural/environmental studies, maybe? That’s a fascinating field to learn about. Are you wanting to keep it more at a hobby level, or maybe turn it into something you work in somehow? In either case, keep doing what you enjoy and are passionate about, and keep tackling each day as it comes.

You got this, friend. You rock :hrtlovefist:


From: eloquentpetrichor

Welcome back, salmonpupper :hrtlegolove: Your name is a really cool one btw

I’m sorry that your college wasn’t able to support you and those like you the way they should have. That is really sad to hear about especially in this day and age. But I’m really glad you have a social worker and you are improving things in your life and studying what makes you happy. Weather is a really cool topic. I always loved learning about the different kinds of clouds and what they can mean for the weather later in the day.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. It’s never easy to see people we care about declining in health.

I hope your life stays steady and you manage to keep working on your mental health and following paths that make you happy. Good luck and please keep sharing with us whenever you like :hrtlegolove: