And here comes the relapse

Welp. There goes 5 years of hard work. The other night I broke down and couldn’t take the stress that moving on is giving me. I really don’t know if i can take this anymore.

@emilyygradaniel I’m sorry you are going though this and what ever circumstances in your life that brought you to relapsing. I know that a relapse can be disheartening but you really need to give your self credit 5 years! That is such an accomplishment! A relapse can not take that away from you. In my own story I’m 3 years clean from self harm I’v broken down once it this stretch but I don’t count that agents the last 3 years. I don’t think you should do that ether. Everyone makes mistakes but you are not the same person you were 5 years ago an you need to remember that. As I wright this I pray peace over your life and your mind. You are so loved simply for the fact that you are you. Hold on to hope my friend. This community has your back you are not facing this alone.

with LOVE
loveinflyleaf <3