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And I’m done with women

I also message some girl asking why do they hate me. One those laugh in my face and other said that we had not extract same passion and interest.

She said
I’ll be honest tho, we have different passions and lifestyles based off the short time we met up. I just didn’t think we vibed as well as I hoped.

I was honest say most that women hate men with disabilities.

And she also said don’t play that game with.

These just the knife worn deeper.

This the thing, when we met in person she told I was really chill guy and she said she wanted to hang out with me. Then left earlier, however text later to say sorry for leaving early and act like she was chill

I don’t like when girls play games with like this, I’m tired of being treat like dirt and judge. Like I don’t like the exact same thing or music taste, you just assume your too cool for me.

I’m know an mental case, I know I don’t deserve love, but at least don’t treat me like shit.

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I’m so sorry that happened, @Metalskater1990. The end of a relationship can be painful and triggering, especially if your expectations were not mutual.

You deserve love. And actually, it’s not even about deserving. You are loved. Just because you’re existing and you are you. If some people are not able to reflect that love on you, then they’re not the ones that you’ll need to keep on your side. There’s no disability or any struggle on Earth that would change your worth and capacity to be loved. But I hear you. I can feel your disappointment and hurt through your words. This relationship doesn’t define you, friend.

I’m know an mental case, I know I don’t deserve love

Do you think these beliefs that you have about yourself or women could be interfering in your relationships? Just in case: I’m not saying there’s something wrong with you. Just that, for me, when I’m struggling with myself I’m more likely to shut down from everyone yet need to feel loved more than ever. So I’ll keep interacting, but I’d feel divided between reaching out and make sure everyone leave me alone. This tension would be expressed through the way I interact, which often leaves a message of angriness and frustration to others. I feel like when we’re struggling with ourselves, we’re more likely to be convinced that others are going to reject us, so we may provoke it indirectly. You know, like a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Just a few thoughts though. I don’t know to which extend you had the possibility to work on those thoughts on therapy, but I’ve seen through your post that it’s something that keeps following you like a shadow. It could be interesting to challenge those thoughts, even if I’m aware that right now may not be the moment for it. You’ll also need your time to process what happened. :heart:

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