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Anger over the wrong things is blowing me to the soul

I can’t take this anymore I don’t think I can do anything for love and happiness and it is not working out for me I can’t find a woman who is very beautiful and have a great relationship with is there something wrong with me or not? Because this is blowing me to the soul big time if I don’t have a gorgeous woman in my life I will go berserk.

For 20 years a beautiful girl stood me up and it has been killing me ever since.

Hey @hatefulman84,

I hear you. You’ve been sharing for a moment on this forum about this anger that you have and your need to be in a relationship. Given the circumstances, I hope you find healthy ways to convey this anger and frustration. Just because those are some heavy emotions and it can be hard to deal with it sometimes. Know that it’s always good when you come here to talk about it.

I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so alone. As human beings, we all crave for companionship. And if you’ve been disappointed by someone before, it’s even more understandale. You mentioned love happiness, your need to be in a relationship but also with a beautiful woman, which is very specific. Love doesn’t necessarily go along with being with someone who’d be objectively gorgeous. You love someone for who they are first and foremost, not their appearance or what they could give to you. But again, I hear you. And as I know that you mentioned this several times already, I can only encourage you to try to work on this specific goal and maybe, find ways to reframe it or understand why you focus on it. This might be actually a real barrier to break this loneliness. There might be a need to clarify your needs. What does it represent to you to be with a beautiful woman? Is it about not being alone anymore? Is it about being seen with someone who’d be beautiful? Is it about receiving or giving love? Maybe trying to reflect on this kind of question, on your desires, could be a good start. And you don’t have to do that alone. When we’re lost, having some extra-help from a professional such as a counselor or therapist can be of a tremendous help too.

In any case, thank you for sharing and thank you for your trust here. I hope you take care of yourself. :hrtlegolove:

If I only had a casual encounter more often with a beautiful looking woman I would not be having this probelm at all.

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