Another day

If i was to die right now nobody would care not even me


Hi Dani, I would care very much. the fact that you think that is very sad, I don’t know what is happening today but you are here and I can assure you that there are many people here that care and support you in your fight against thoughts like this. We are here for you friend.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


I would care very much so. :hrtlegolove:

What’s going on?


making it three people already who definitely care about you, and are here willing to listen to you, and support you. Would you like to tell us what’s going on?


Just a bad day it’s been a bad week about to give up

I’m sorry you are going through difficult times. It’s been like this all year for me. However, in the past month I’ve started to feel more hopeful about things going on around me. Even if you feel or see no hope, there is always a hope. You matter! Never forget what an amazing soul you are. We all want to help and listen to you! Sometimes people don’t realize how much talking actually helps to process situations and emotions. We all want the best for you! Please feel free to talk here with no judgement!

:hrtlegolove: :hrtlovefist:


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Hey @Dani, how is it going for you? How are you holding up?

You are loved, friend. :hrtlegolove:


I’m doing ok now things are starting to slow down and easy up on me


Very glad to hear such positive news @Dani! Thank you for the updates. I hope you take good care of yourself and that things will keep slowing down, as much as needed for you. We’re still here if you need an ear to listen. <3


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