Another morning

Yesterday was pretty hard to get through. I managed to get through it but I had a lot of anxiety throughout the whole day. It still bugs me that I’m depressed and struggling while somebody else is having fun and being happy. I keep telling myself I know any girl will be lucky to have me because I know I’m a good guy. I managed to get back out there and start dating, but it’s a bit hard finishing people. I haven’t battled depression 100%, but I’m not the same guy I was 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t try to pray bad on somebody , but I do hope she regrets the decision of letting me go because I was a good guy! I’m stuck because I know deep down I want it to work again , but I know that trust is dead. I need to start forgiving myself and go on with life. Soon new friends will come along. Soon I will find love again. I know that when I get out this depression nothing else will tumble me down because if I can get through this . I can get through anything. Whoever feels the way that I do, don’t hesitate and send me a message I’m here for anybody because I know how it feels.


Hey Erick! Women are better lovers then men plain and simple. There’s just something in them that screams love and loyalty, but no one or no thing loves harder than a man. When we love a woman, we REALLY love that woman. I’ve been through your exact situation more than once and I know how hard it can be. spend some time with the bros if you have some. The one thing you don’t do though is stay in the house by yourself a lot, and judging by your post I’m assuming you’re by yourself often. Play the Xbox or PS4. Anything that will bring out the inner cave man in you so that you don’t focus on all the negatives. Broken hearts always take time to heal so just give it more time. You were with her for 5 years so you cant expect to feel fine already. My Xbox GT is iSwankk. add me if you have an Xbox and I’ll carry you in some Fortnite lol. Love you bro -Stylin


Hey @erick_ocampo,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time getting over your ex. I’ve found that a healthy way to help you get over an ex is to refrain from visiting their social media profiles (which can be REALLY difficult, but I guarantee you that it helps). This will eliminate the sadness of seeing them “supposedly” out and happy (I put “supposedly” in quotes because social media is typically a giant facade anyway; everyone typically only posts their “highlights” and it’s unfair for yourself to compare your worst to someone else’s best).

I LOVE the positive self-talk! Keep it up!! :slight_smile:


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