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Hey… I really need help. I have had a crush on a girl who was once my classmate for a year and 4 months but I never told her because I thought she was too good for me as in way out of my league plus I don’t know how to start telling her… I have been reject by 12 girls(every girl) and out of all of them she’s the smartest, kindest, funniest… She’s just perfect. If I didn’t have a chance with those previous girls what chance do I have with this one. What if she say’s no, will I be able to handle another rejection?. On the other hand what if she says yes how would it work I’m in university, she’s trying to improve her grades and because of the COVID will it be a distant relationship?, would it last? Would I be a distraction?. Should I just let it go and hope these feelings will wither away like thirsty grass. I don’t want to make the wrong choice.


Hiya Hoffman,
I know exactly how you feel. There is currently someone I have a crush on that I only see twice a week and even less if im busy with other stuff. It’s hard to deal with because I think that I’ll never have a chance with them, it’s hard to talk to people that think I’m annoying, and plus theres kind of an age gap -.- But you have to remember, you are just starting out life, there are tons of things in life you haven’t experienced yet, just because you can’t get just one girl doesn’t mean you’ll never find one, you just have to love yourself, and be patient. I deal with this sort of issue by sourrounding myself with people who can remind me that, and I love them for it, they save my life every day without knowing it <3
You can find some friends at your University, and get through it together. My cohort treats eachother like family, you can find a group of classmates who feel the same, and can go through school with you together, so that maybe you can have some time to talk to her. I know love is difficult, ecspecially when you are focused on success, but it doesn’t mean your chance is ruined. She could be okay with long distance, and if she isn’t, you can put your mind into your studies and keep in touch!
I’ve had instances where I liked people for 3+ years and never told them. In fact that’s usually what I always do, I’ve only ever confessed once and they ignored it. So I get scared of even showing those emotions and act like I normally do while panicking in the corner trying to deal with emotions I don’t know how to handle. Though it doesn’t mean I’m at peace with being alone, just means I have some issues I need to handle with my self worth.
I have a friend in my cohort who is dating another person in our group, for now they seem to be doing fine, I can tell they’re both going about it maturely, but then again it isn’t long distance. But what they do is help eachother out with school alot, maybe you can help eachother out with college, quiz eachother on stuff. Just because you’re going to a different college doesn’t mean you can’t help quiz someone for a test :]
Also, my friend who’s dating the guy in our cohort told me to try pickup lines. Haha! I could never do that, but I could hint it out. I’ve thought of a few things I could say but ughhhh nooOOOOO Haha! I’d feel so scared of their reaction being disgusted or irritated or just downright confused x{
But maybe you could try that???

Also, there is no such thing as "out of my league” people who see others as lower than them won’t be worth your time because they won’t bother seeing how amazing you are without giving you a chance to show them first.

I hope you can figure things out, and let me know if something happens! : D

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