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Another Stressful Day

Idk what is going on with my mother she is so opposed to my movement that she is making threats and throwing tantrums she put me under so much stress that I started having panic attacks and I left my USB Stick at Staples now I’m afraid that I lost it for good. I have to go get it tomorrow or Tuesday. When she behaves like this she becomes like a child. I can’t deal with it. I’m trying to do something good for the community.


Hey Ranma,

It sounds that you’ve been having your share of stressful situations recently and I hope you can find some rest through all of this. I’m sorry your mom is opposed to the movement you created, especially if it’s something that gives you a purpose. Do you know why she disapproves what you’re doing? Sometimes this kind of argument comes from a lack of understanding of what a particular activity truly implies. Do you think it could be worth it to try to have a good talk with her? Just so you could invite her to learn to know better this part of your life.

I hope this situation will resolve and you’ll find a way to communicate together. In any case, it’s truly awesome to have a project that matters to you!

My mother’s biggest fear is creating enemies and people harming me because my movement is growing and getting more exposure. Like I told her my movement doesn’t march or protest on the streets like other groups all we do is boycott businesses and use the legal way and due process to bring justice and change that’s it and to provide basic necessities for the community.