Another Update

So after 2 weeks of being at my aunt’s (the talk got postponed bc everyone got sick including me) My dad came up to my aunt’s and my uncle had a huge talk with him, my sister and myself.

He had a talk with my dad about getting his health back on track so he can feel better. My aunt and uncle are pretty sure that his sugars being so high is y he’s being grumpy. Me and him both have a doctor’s appointment coming up in April so he is going to have a talk with his doctor about getting on some better medication. He is going to work on his faults (hopefully) My sister is going to work on her faults and I’m going to work on mine.

So with that being said I am back home now. I am just really hoping and praying things will continue to improve from here. That me and him can eventually put the past completely behind us and just move forward with clear and open minds and that we won’t go back to old ways.

More updates coming soon…


Actually, if you are not keeping your glucose under control it can cause a lot of health problems. Mood isn’t really one, it’s mostly physical. The stress of having Diabetes can lead to depression tho. If his glucose is high and stays that way most of the time, he’ll get used to the way it makes him feel, which can be pretty bad depending on how high it is. That’s why a lot of people don’t know they actually have Diabetes and it goes untreated. Same goes for being too low, you get used to it after a little bit of time.

Low carbs and fat and high fiber foods are what he should be shooting for. It would be great for you to help him if you find you’re getting along etc.

I’m really glad you got to talk, it will make a huge difference I hope.

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It sounds like this conversation has been of a tremendous help on many aspects. For your family, you, the different relationships at play there, which also gives some perspective for the future. It’s really comforting to hear how your family hasn’t been pointing out fingers at each other, but that everyone is willing to work on themselves, acknowledge the tensions and work on what could be done better. Well done for this. This is a real lesson of humility and care for one another.

I hope as well that things will continue that way. It’s definitely a good start!

Thank you for sharing these updates, @Andy. You are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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