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I feel like I’m not important to nobody anymore I have no freinds a have agoraphobia I’ve had enough of my anxiety I’m peed of with it I’m fed up I’m lonely I have nobody I try and talk to people that I talk to don’t want to know I’m at my whits end :pensive::pensive::pensive::sob:



You are important to someone - yourself! You are brave for just being here, which is triggering in and of itself when you have agoraphobia (at least to some).

There is good news though, you can treat Agoraphobia without leaving your house - at least at first. It’s best treated using small changes to prompt through the anxiety.

The first step that comes to mind is finding a small online space (cough twitch stream cough) that you feel comfortable in and lurk (just hang out in their chat), eventually post/talk and expand on who you are. Be genuine - as that’s key. As you let yourself out then you’ll get more and more comfortable.

Then - or perhaps in tandem - you can engage with a therapist remotely via the web or a smart phone app, that can help you with your symptoms. There has been great work done with Agoraphobia and virtual reality but that too may be better done with he assistance of a therapist.

There are also medications that you can try which need to be prescribed by your physician. If you have the diagnosis formally I would reach out to them directly.

Alternatively, you could set up little routines for yourself to help yourself through the anxiety.

For example:
Step one: open the door.
Step two: step outside of the door.
Step three: stand on your porch/landing/stoop for 10 seconds.
Step four: walk to the end of your drive/walkway.
Step five: Walk to the neighbor/friends.

During this you’d be doing a simple mindfulness exercise in each step. Deep calm breaths, finding something of a certain color, like orange/red/green and breathing… as the anxiety can often overcome you and this breathing can actually help you break through the attacks that often come with them. The idea being - as with the small step of being on someone’s online stream, is to have small changes that develop a form of tolerance and pattern that allow you to move on to something bigger eventually, whatever that might be for you.

Beyond all of that - you are not alone. We are here with you, online, and are always happy to listen and provide some validation. I’m a mental health streamer/gamer/therapist and picked your post to discuss tonight on stream. Feel free to drop by anytime, we’d be happy to listen and support.

Thanks much,
DrDyaus and community


As someone who also has agoraphobia on top of autism, I can completely relate to these feelings.

I’m very sorry my friend. I understand the frustration.

Sending you lots of love.