Anxiety and depression are taking their toll

Good evening, dear HeartSupport community, my anxiety is getting worse, what do I do? I feel a constant state of alarm and alertness, it makes me feel uneasy.

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Treating anxiety is different for everyone, but I have found some ways to help mine. Occasionally, I like to have frozen towels. (You tie them in a knot and soak them in water, and then put them in the freezer). Being able to focus my attention on one thing, and having a goal in mind, helps. I also have a fidget toy, called a tangle, I use when I’m in social situations or when I get super nervous in school. Sometimes, it also helps just to have someone around. And sometimes when my anxiety is at the point of “someone is in the house, or I’m in danger”, I find it somewhat helpful to reassure myself and look at the situation from a non biased point of view (If that makes sense?). I tell myself, “ the doors are locked, and if someone was in the house, my dog would be barking, he would know.”
I don’t know what you’re anxiety looks like, but I hope I helped in some way.

Love :two_hearts: -Ash


I listen to music to help with my anxiety. Do you have a security blanket or object (something that you can carry around and life isn’t so bad when you have it?

Thank you very much, George, I do not have one but I will find one.

My advice is be calm, take deep breathes, try to listen to relaxing music or go for a walk. Be around positive people that uplift you.

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I’ll try taking a walk, I see being around positive people definitely helps!

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