Anxiety Attacks when tired

Has anybody ever had an anxiety attack because they are so tired? When it happens with me I feel so tired I feel like I can’t do anything but sleep and that makes me tense and eventually I have an anxiety attack. I’ve also been so tired lately, I actually went to the doctor and had blood tests done. I’m getting the results tomorrow. When I’m not tired I don’t have any attacks. Has this happened to anyone else?


Has this happened to anyone else?

Definitely. When I’m lacking of sleep or am more tired, it is as if my “normal” level of anxiety becomes crazy high. I feel more on edge, more emotional, more vulnerable, which in the long run tends to pile up. I end up more quickly overwhelmed, and so on… and ultimately to anxiety attacks that can last a couple of hours or several days (speaking of anxiety attacks there, not panic attacks). Tiredness really contribute to our emotional regulation, and by extent anxiety itself.

You’ve made a great step by checking in with your doctor and doing this blood test. I hope you will get some answers from there. With Winter and darker days, it’s not uncommon to be more tired and lack of something vitamins-wise.

Make sure to rest as much as you can, even if it’s just physical. Laying down on your bed and doing things that tend to relax you is always better than nothing. Warm showers or baths can also help to relax your muscles in the meantime. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi @Patches23

Thank you for posting :rose:

Yes, If I let myself get overly tired I will start having more anxiety. Sleep and rest are very important. I’m really happy that you got some bloodwork done because there are a lot of things that can make you tired and also have anxiety attacks that don’t have anything to do with depression or mental illness. I had anemia and it pretty much stopped my life for awhile. I was so tired all the time. They gave me vitamin B shots once a month and that help, but ultimately they found an infection and treated it. I don’t have anemia anymore.

I do struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, but when I let myself get overly tired and stressed it gets worse.

Hope this helped.

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Yes, it’s absolutely predictable for me. I think it’s built into our DNA, as a survival strategy, in order to drive us to function as long as we need to. It was a good strategy while being chased by predatory animals. In modern times, the ability to release adrenaline through physical activity is often absent. Therefore it just lingers in the body, resulting in anxiety.

It’s unfortunate that we can become exhausted, even without physical exertion. A person who works at a desk, or other nonphysical occupation can become exhausted, triggering adrenaline/anxiety, and it’s hard on both the body and the mind. Sleep disturbance is often a part of it. The exhaustion generated anxiety also affects brain chemistry.

Physical activity, enough to increase your heart rate for at least 20 minutes every other day, can help restore brain chemistry and reduce anxiety. Even if you have a lot of stressors in your life, a bit of exercise time will help you deal with it.

From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi Patches23 Anxiety are attacks common. I am sorry you have to deal with them. I will send a video here that can help you calm down while tired :wink: Panic Attack Talk Down / Comforting Talk / Breathing / Reassurance & Affirmations to Relieve Panic - YouTube


From: SuchBlue

Hi Patches23,

I can partially relate to this. For example, when I get a little less sleep I feel like everything is going alright, until I forget something I had to do and then I’m just anxious that I’m going to keep forgetting things. It’s hard to calm yourself down when you’re just constantly worried that something else is going to go wrong.
I’d say maybe try to adjust your schedule to get more sleep, some need more sleep than others so you can try to experiment with that.

Good luck :hrtlegolove:


From: Ash

Yes I have dealt with this issue. I have had to figure out the reasons by learning about me. I also know that sometimes it can making mine worse.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Patches23! Anxiety attacks are just the worst. Sometimes when I am super tired but I have a ton of stuff I need to get done I’ll end up with panic attacks. I’m not sure that’s what you mean but that will definitely happen to me and then I just end up more tired and emotionally exhausted and it is just a vicious cycle.

I hope the blood tests reveal something helpful. I hope you stay well rested to avoid these attacks in the meantime :hrtlegolove:


Thank you so much. I’ll watch it.

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I’m sorry to hear that ,anxiety sucks. How do you cope with that? Any ways to ease the anxiety?

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Do you know any good coping mechanisms?

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Thank you for the response the bloods were fine. Just an infection that’s causing the tiredness and a vitamin B deficiency.

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Thank you for the advice

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That makes so much sense. It definitely feels that way.

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The bloods fine thankfully I just have an infection. I’m also taking vitamin b and it’s really helping.


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