Anxiety Attacks

I don’t even know where to start. I thought I was getting better but I was oh so wrong. My anxiety is getting so bad that I am contemplating going to a psychologist. But at the same time thinking about leaving the house to go see one freaks me out.
What is making me realize I should go see someone, I’ll list it out.

  1. Had a anxiety attack when at a waterpark with my SO months ago. For the record, I freaking love waterparks! It was so bad that my whole body went into flight mode. We got back to the hotel and I felt like my bathing suit was suffocating me. I had to get out of it and collapsed into a heap on the bed and slept for three hours.
  2. Another one at the store. Wasn’t even in it long. Just started to freak out.
  3. This one was more recent, was at an orchestra. I started panicking in my seat. Almost fainted. That was fun.
  4. Was at the store for an online pick up. Only said hello and gave my name to the person putting the stuff in my car. Held my composure till I left and cried all the way home.
  5. This one was kind of a breaking point. Happened yesterday. One of my friends passed away due to cancer. Went to their funeral. I had to force myself to go in but I couldn’t go up to the casket to pay my respects. I left. And freaked out on the way home.

There is a lot more than just these but these are the one’s that stick out right now as I just feel so emotionally exhausted. The even more fun part is, when I have an anxiety attack its not like you see in movies or that I look physically affected. I am straight up panicking in my mind. I get so dizzy, heart races, faint, shaky, cold chills/hot flashes and nauseous. I just don’t know what to do. I use fidget toys and head phones/ear plugs. They kinda help. But just even thinking about leaving the house sends me in a panic anymore. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want friends to come over (not like they will care anyways since I see them like 2xs a year but that is a different thing). I really am at my wits end and my SO is getting worried about me. Which I don’t blame em, I m getting worried about me too. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. It is just getting so much worse and overwhelming and I really am at a loss what to do.

I really wanted to be that strong figure for my little one… but now I don’t even know if I can do that. I don’t want them to see me and think its okay to be constantly panicking. I want to be able to take em to sport events, classes and whatever without have a full breakdown. I want to do so much stuff, but this is so debilitating that I… I really just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m drowning and the water keeps pulling me down…


It sounds as though you are just about overwhelmed by the anxiety symptoms. You mentioned that you are considering going to a psychologist. Call your doctor and ask for a referral. Don’t put it off! Would it be helpful to have someone accompany you? That might make leaving the house a bit easier.

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Hey @Chandra

I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this much anxiety. The frustration and overwhelm you feel is tremendous and I do sincerely want you to reach out for help in a way that would make sense.

I wholeheartidly agree with what @Wings said in his post. Though, as a follow up to his response, there’s the alternative of doing telehealth. After getting a referal from your doctor (seriously expidites the process of getting in front of a professional mental health individual) and you can do it from the comfort of your home, or wherever it may be.

Additionally, HeartSupport partners with Better help. This may be the fastest way to get in front of a professional that can help give you genuine actionable information to help curb this anxiety and get you on track to living a life that is much more fulfilling…and to provide you with the tools you need to be that role model for the little one.

I hope this helps. Stick in there my friend. I believe in you and trust that you can accomplish a more wholesome life.

With love, Andy


Thank you for taking the time to share these struggles with us. We want to support you and see you succeed!

Your anxiety has taken a significant toll on how you live your life. You’re not able to enjoy events, and running errands can leave you wrecked. You’re feeling desperate.

You don’t have to (nor did you ever need to) hesitate in reaching out to a professional to help you deal with this debilitating anxiety. Like what @Wings said, ask your doctor for a referral, and also convey that a telehealth appointment would be best if you’re not able to leave the house. If the wait is too long, you can also get started with HeartSupport’s trial with Better Help for online therapy (found here: Get Help | HeartSupport). I hope you are able to find the support you need.

Take Care. You can do this.


Hi Chandra,

I truly appreciate you opening up and sharing your feelings and thoughts with us today. It appears that you believe you have been navigating feelings of anxiety, and that the idea of seeking additional seems a bit overwhelming.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that asking for extra mental health support is a brave and commendable step. It reflects strength, courage, and humility. Seeking help doesn’t diminish your role as a strong figure for your little one; if anything, it adds to your strenght.

Reflecting on moments in your life when you sought help and experienced relief might be beneficial. Consider a simple scenario from your school days. Can you recall a time when you asked a professor a question and immediately felt less nervous about your exam because they helped you understand? Consider a similar scenario related to your mental health. Just as seeking guidance from a professor alleviated your exam nerves, reaching out for mental health support can have a similar positive impact, helping you navigate challenges and promote well-being.

Your desire to feel better for yourself and your loved ones is evident, and it’s heartening to see you taking this initial step by sharing this with us and by embracing vulnerability.

Your self-awareness regarding your mental well-being is truly commendable and I hope it will guide you in getting the support you deserve,

Warm regards,


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