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Anxiety & depression is already bad, now my wife wants a divorce

How do I deal with this so that it doesn’t overwhelm me and I go into a panic attack?

Been battling to control the anxiety and depression as it is, now this catastrophe also hits.

I don’t know if I can handle this.

I’ve already seen a councilor and psychiatrist but they say it is a long process, I need guidance now, not 6 months from now.

I know it won’t be professional advice…

Any tips?


From: twixremix_

while I wish I could take some of this pain away from you, what I can say is that I believe in you to overcome this pain. Once you come out on the other side, you will feel such a wave of accomplishment, confidence, and excitement for a future that is all yours. hang on to your support systems (family, therapists, friends, heartsupport community) as you fight on.

Recite the Serenity Prayer on repeat, either to God or to the universe depending where you stand on spirituality:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Right now there is a lot of stuff out of your control, like your wife’s actions and the fallout. If you fight those things, you will get torn apart.

However, there are a lot of things you can control, like your diligence in counseling and meds. You can’t control when the end results hit, or what those results might be, but you can work like hell to get there. Put your doctors to work!

When something feels like it’s spinning out of control, take a breath and consider whether or not it’s something you can control. If you can’t control the thing, control how you respond to it. Your wife won’t crush your life if you don’t take ownership of her actions. Getting through this won’t be easy at all, and there will be days it feels damn near impossible. Swim with the currents–don’t fight them, and don’t let them sweep you away.

My other advice is to lean on anybody you can, whether it’s family, friends, church, or us here. You don’t have to go through this alone.

I wish you well. Hold fast :hrtlegolove:

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Thanks for the replies, it is encouraging and helpful… i just need to learn to manage my emotions in the moment, they tend to be sudden and intense and i can’t control them so that it doesn’t become so overwhelming…

I often can’t see the future because now is so big and foreboding, I can see around it and the moment becomes too much.

What can I do to manage the “now” panic attackes?


One of the most effective ways to deal with panic attacks is Grounding. Identify:

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can feel
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

That engages all your senses and pulls your focus from whatever is going on long enough to catch a breath.

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Hi @MrSneuth,

The HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here. We hope our presence and support help you. Hold Fast friend, and lean on our community.


Thank you so much for the video guys, that made a HUGE difference than just getting text messages. I really appreciate it and will use all the suggestions you guys gave me.

Thank you so much, will keep in touch on the discord and come back here for an emergency when needed.

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Hey @MrSneuth , @taylorpalmby dedicated a song to you during her live stream!

Hold Fast