Anxiety over nothing/ still bother about ended friendships

1.Had a mini anxiety attack , I think over a wedding I’m going too. It three hours drive and usually get a hotel room with my family. But it all up in the air and don’t want to drive 6 hours in one day. So then had a worry about having mental breakdown driving back and forth to mass to New York then reverse in one day. But to honest, I never book a hotel room and I’m like 30. It embarrassing cuase I should know how to that and like last minute. I feel im to depend on my family and I can’t never do thing by myself. But I want to travel solo one day on a plane and go see the world.

Been thinks friendships, cuase I friend I kept talking about. To be honest, I don’t had even good friends. A lot them in some ways kinda suck. They all took advantage of me, play mind games with me, cause to have mental episodes. And just did not help grow as a person. I feel I can’t trust anyone.


it doesn’t matter your age, we are all still learning some things that others have know for years. And we know things now that others will learn years from now. Learning a new skill is always a bit scary but worth it. Sure, you may have depended on your family a lot, but it’s exciting to learn to do it yourself. It’s not embarrassing to me at least, it’s exciting because it means you’ve grown and changed enough where you get to make these decisions for yourself now.

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of course it depends on what regimen they’re currently on, and should be discussed before adding on anything new.

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Hotel desk clerks encounter people on a daily basis who have no experience renting rooms. Usually, you need a debit or credit card, a license or other form of official ID, and a phone number. It takes five or 10 minutes to conduct business with the clerk, then you will be handed a room key or access card and be told how to find your room. Most rooms have alarm clocks or clock radios, but you can also request a wake up call. If you feel there is a chance you might sleep past checkout time, you probably should do that. If you have the option, you might want to go to a place that offers breakfast.

I’m sorry that you’ve had such problems with your friendships. From what I can tell, not many people have more than a handful of really close friends in a lifetime. Much of the difficulty in finding sustainable friends is because opportunities to meet them are limited. People are usually limited to those they work with, perhaps a neighbor or two, church or spiritual organization, or gatherings of mutual interest, such as hobbies or sports. In some settings, such as bars, many of the people want to act like friends, even old friends, but really don’t want their friendship to be anything but superficial.

If you have “friends” who like to play mind games, they are wasting your time, which could otherwise be spent finding opportunities to make real friends. I believe that in here, it’s likely that everyone is the kind of friend that you can trust. We are used to placing great value on friendships between people who are physically present, but it might be worth giving more thought to how much the safety and friendship of people here can be appreciated.

Take care my friend!

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