Anxiety stealing my identity

I am currently struggling with an anxiety disorder. I was on medical stress leave from my job because of it for months and have been back for a short while now, part time. I thought I was doing ok but as I get back to a more normal work load, every day overwhelms me. I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing,I am having panic attacks, and can’t focus. I feel like my brain has betrayed me to my emotions and I don’t know what to do. Since my fundamental job requires me to use my brain, a lot, I’m afraid I’m going to get fired, which just makes me panic more.

This probably seems minor compared to others’ issues but I have worked my whole life to make a good living and every day it feels like I’m grasping at fewer and fewer threads of my life. Who am I if I can’t be an intellectual, skilled worker? What else do I have to offer?

I think it’s important not to say it’s minor compared to others, what you feel is what you feel. And it’s important to remember you are a intellectually skilled worker, that’s who you are. Anxiety is something we have but not who we are. Someone once told me for a quick thing to help fight an anxiety attack is to put something cold on the base of your neck as there is a nerve there that relaxes us when it gets cold. I bought a metal water bottle so it feels cold when filled and is on my desk. When I feel the anxiety starting to rise I put it on my neck. Sounds a bit odd but it helps.

I understand what it feels like when your anxiety seems to increase and won’t stop. I understand it so much. I am sorry this is happening for you.

BE strong.