I really don’t know what to put but i feel stuck . i feel stuck in my feelings. To me i dont know if this is just my emotions speaking or if this would be a “trigger” to me. This isnt exactly easy to type, its hard.
So, well, i dont know what . This just feels like broken text, broken feeling. So I was watching a series i never finished , and well it came to a part where this main character having a panic attack and all the sudden i pause and say i cant watch it and unpaused it and watched it afterwards i started to feel like a wreck i dont know if its my anxiety speaking because of the trigger. i grabbed what i could and i tried to settle down , i tried to keep my mind busy , I tried to take care of my self , mean while i had a short panic attack or whatever you call it in the bathroom . I just dont know what caused this to happen. i felt fine today i just dont know what caused it and or if it triggered my anxiety . I dont know im jusgt clueless and i dont know what to do because writing this as i said wasnt easy but i did post this because i know something isnt write. i dont know what . I dont know when my next therapist appointment is but i may make a note of this because i believe she needs to know. Any suggestions on how to prevent this feeling would or may help. thanks.

This does sound like a triggered event. You had great awareness but, tested the waters. Which is fine. But, for now, that is a triggering subject. So in the future just be very cautious.