Anxious as an adult

Hey everyone since I’ve been at my job I’ve been anxious about not doing a good enough job and getting fired is this normal or is it just me and any advice on how to cope


It’s not unusual, especially if you don’t get feedback from your superiors. Is it possible to ask them how they think you’re doing, or if they have some advice regarding how you can do things better?

As far as coping goes, I guess it’s realistic to accept the possibility that your job may end, but worrying about it won’t change anything as long as you are doing a decent job. Consider also, there are other jobs.

Hi lost,
like Wings said, its not unusual. there are so many work enviroments that doesn’t give feedback to their
employees regurarely. to ask for feedback on yourself is totally understandable, you can do that.
this can help booth sides, the company knows that you are willing to get better, knows that you want to hear feedback, and you know your standpoint, what they are wanting from you.
to stay open to the possibility for others jobs, is also normal. there will be other chances, other opportunities
out there for you.
you do great, with asking that to yourself. that shows that you take care about you, that you want to improve. i am proud of you, that is strong my friend.
you matter most, take care of yourself and stay safe. you are loved, feel hugged. :purple_heart:

Thanks everyone for the support and advice I will try and reach out to my supervisor in Monday