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Any counselling here?

im sorry, google brought me here i dont know why in my long searching as a highly sensitive person, also autistic, to find and get myself some help/counselling/life coaching/a psychiatrist.


Hi @jared92 Welcome! I’m so happy you found us!

The support wall is peer support, so if there is something you want to talk about we would be happy to help support you the best we can thru our own life experiences. There are a lot of lovely, supportive people here.

You can check this site out a free 7 day counseling trial thru Heart Support.


Hey @jared92,

You won’t find any professional support here, but definitely an emotional one from a community of people who genuinely care. There’s also the partnership with BetterHelp, who’s an online counseling service, as @Mystrose mentioned.

In any case: well done for looking after therapy/counseling. It’s a huge step, and feeling ready for it is already a move forward. I hope the search goes well! If you need any help, encouragement or if you’d like to talk about what you are struggling with, we’re willing to listen and support you.

You’re loved. :hrtlegolove: