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Any small step is progress


Hello there

Life is difficult and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when depression and other tragedies get involved. Possibly the most ruthless aspect of day to day living is that it is completely callous and uncaring when it comes to those who are still recovering.

For anyone who is in that type of space right now here is your reminder to keep moving forward, to never give up. Any small step forward is progress and recovery is a process. Don’t lose heart.


Thank you for the reminder friend. :heart:


This is such a sweet and gentle reminder. I really really needed this. Thank you so much


Getting hit while keep you keep on moving forward is how winning is done. :slight_smile: its a great reminder for all things in life when reaching for goals. i am very encouraged by this post thank you.


I love this! We always need to be reminded. Thank you for sharing!


Video Response:


Thank you for sharing, friend! That means a lot to more people than you probably know.

Sam S.