Any tips for not being so high strung?

I’m high strung. It’s my personality. I get mad big, I get sad big. I stress. A lot.
Just today, I backed into a car. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But the stress pours over me, literally making me tired. How do I chill out? How do I understand that not everything is life or death, wealth or poverty, love or abandonment? Anyone got some tips? And is there a place where I can hire an adult-er person to follow me around and tell me everything is going to be okay?



Hi flutterby1, I think each situation is different, but sometimes just taking a step back and really thinking about the situation helps to defuse things. Often times, things aren’t as extreme as you first thought. I like to color and draw, play video games and talk to friends to chill out. You can find safe coping activities that you like. ~Mystrose


Hello there,

First off, I want to tell you that everything is going to be okay. Life has its ups and downs. We grow & learn. I hope that you never stop learning & growing. One thing I would like to challenge you with is to find opportunities & moments to LOVE BIG. The world could use a lot more of it, especially in its current state.

I know what helps me when I get high strung is to be in nature & just be in that moment. Leave your phone for a bit, go for a short walk & refocus on what matters to you. It can be a challenge to get into the habit of it, but once you do…it is worth it.

Thank you for reaching out & allowing us to support you.
You are valid. You are strong. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


From: Taladien

Hey Flutterby1

First off, being being able to openly identify the traits in your personality that lead into these situations is a great place to start. Knowing you experience emotions on in big swaths at least lets you frame your mindset of “OK, is this actually as big and bad as I am currently feeling it is?” With experience, you can apply that to situations that you come across where those big emotions come up, in what feels like should be a medium-emotion situation.

As for chilling out, I suggest finding small things that you can do when you’re out and about, like maybe pop earbuds in and listen to your favorite music, a funny video, etc. Something that shifts your mind away from the ‘big’ that just happened. If you’re home, try diving into your favorite hobbies. Personally, I jump into simple-yet-engaging gaming to de-stress and get my mind off what’s been going on during the day. Text/call friends or family if you need an encouraging or supportive voice. You got his, friend.


From: twixremix

hi flutterby!

thank you for being here on the wall and extending your life out to be open to advice. it takes a truly strong person to ask for help so i’m proud of you for this and hope you can find solid solutions or starting points!

being high-strung is a tougher thing to combat than someone just feeling stressed. you feel things at a higher amplitude where stress overwhelms and exhausts you. i think you’re on to something with the “hiring an adult-er person to follow you around and say everything is going to be okay…” but instead of hiring someone, the true trick will be learning to embody those truths within yourself. relying on others is awesome when you need support and love! but the real key is to always have yourself in your own corner, reminding you that it’s okay, you’re safe, everything can be handled. repeating mantras like, “i’m safe. i can get through this,” are what keeps me grounded.

i’ve also learned some tricks recently for my own anxiety that i’d love for you to try out too? my company sponsored this meditation workshop last week and taught us the importance of breath to both give us something to focus on when you’re in a bad headspace and to deliver more oxygen to your brain, allowing us to think clearly and not skipping to extreme conclusions.

i hope the advice i shared can help guide your thinking to find your own answer to what would work best for you and your needs! i wish you all the best of clarity, peace, and a smooth journey to finding techniques to combat the high-strung emotions you face. i believe in you to persevere and conquer, my friend.



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend Thank you for posting, I think almost everyone can relate to a lot of what you have said to a degree which is a good this because it means you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination, we all have our own ways of dealing or not with that. I myself have various ways, it used to be that when things got on top of me I would just head to my safe place which was my bedroom (it had to be a dark space) and just stay there away from people and noise and life until I could deal with it again, I have now gotten better with that and have learned how to talk more with friends so now I try to rationalise in my own mind what i am thinking, sometimes by writing it down and then go to a close friend or family memeber to ask them what they think. I think the biggest thing to remember in life is that most of the time there is more to things than “is this right or wrong or good or bad” there is normally a compromise to be had in most situations that means that you and other people can find ways to be happy and comfortable and when found it really gives a sense of pride and fullfulment. When you need to makes decisisions or feel stresseds, just step back, its ok to do that, dont let anyone rush you. I hope this helps. Much Love Lisa xx


"feel things at a higher amplitude "
I feel that describes it so perfectly!!! Thank you for these words.

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