Anyone around Santa Cruz, CA need IRL Support?

Hi everyone,

I think heart support is a great resource and I am hoping that it can be more than just a friendly voice online.

I am based out of Santa Cruz,California and I’m hoping to find fellow Heart Support members in the area and create an irl meetup here. I have no idea if this goes against the site’s terms and conditions but ,at the same time, I think IRL connections can be just as valuable if not more than online ones. So I’m hoping the admins will understand.

Something I hope to offer to people on this site is to introduce people that want it to martial arts in the area. I’ve been practicing for almost 9 years and I am pretty well integrated in the local scene. The reasons I want to share this is to help empower people and give you all the ability to feel safe and to walk with the confidence that physical violence is not something you have to be afraid of anymore.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in meeting local people that are also on heart support and trying to help those in your community that are struggling.

Best wishes


Hey @GreatWalrus! I’m originally from San Jose and although I’m only back about once a year, I’ll definitely keep you in mine when I’m back for the holidays! :slight_smile:

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That would be cool! I wish I was closer to other heart support fam. But I’m based in South Carolina near Charleston where I don’t think many people are.


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