Anyone feels lost the same way i do?

Just done high school, studying in college this year, totally lost about life. Depression and mental breakdown daily, refused to talk to anyone cause think i will get hurt eventually.


Welcome to the group. This is a transitional time in your life, filled with uncertainty. That can make it hard to feel okay. Consider that by refusing to talk to others, you are in a sense hurting yourself in order to avoid being hurt by others. I think you might benefit by talking to a mental health professional.

Yeah, sometimes people will hurt you, but many other times, you will find them helpful.

I hope you feel better soon.

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That was me a decade or so ago. At that time, there were no conversations around mental health. Everyone knew I was depressed, but with no resources they basically just told me to buck up. Times have changed. Go see your school therapist, or a private one if you have insurance.

Like @Wings said, it’s a tough time of transition. All the academic prep you did in high school doesn’t prepare you for having to structure your own time. Slipping a little bit leads to a sense of failure, which affects your performance even more. It’s a vicious cycle. You CAN do this though. One rough semester, or even a rough year, doesn’t define your whole college career. It’s okay to ask for help from counselors, advisors, older students, people on this forum, etc. There’s no shame in it, and there are plenty of resources to support it. I can also say firsthand that there are also no special prizes for going through it without support networks.

College is hard, no matter what your peers make it look like. The academics may or may not be too tough, but learning to live on your own on the fly is crazy. Take advantage of every bit of support available to you.

EDIT: also remember Cs Get Degrees. High grades get you internships and may make hunting for your first job easier, but after your first job no employer cares about your GPA. What matters in your career is that you have a degree and that you have work experience. Don’t despair if you fall short of that 4.0, or if you didn’t do as well on a test as you thought. Celebrate every passing grade! Statistically speaking, consistently performing at 70% or better is amazing. Imagine how amazing it would be if an athlete in any sport succeeded in 70% of their endeavors! No matter what your profs and advisors say, passing is passing, whatever the grade.


Thankyou, that really helped me with my mental health, have been stressed by school lately since I am studying online with a different timezone. Thanks for the support!

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